ATMCar – The World’s First Blockchain-based Game That Prizes Players With A REAL Tesla Model 3!

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The concept of GameFi has been around ever since its birth in 2017, however as the DeFi infrastructure has evolved and an increasing number of individuals have entered the crypto ecosystem, GameFi is comparable to a hidden diamond that has now been unearthed. discovered, and efforts were undertaken to make people aware of its exceptional value.

2017 was a banner year for GameFi, which broke several company records. According to Footprint Analytics, GameFi finished the year with a gain that was 2,934 percent more than it started the year with after commencing its fast growth in March. Many game production studios have made the decision to concentrate their efforts on blockchain games, despite the fact that the industry is still in its infancy. According to the results of a poll, the BNB Chain is presently home to more than 300 games, which places it in the top five most popular GameFi blockchains.

A project known as ATMCar has recently been gaining momentum thanks to the support of the global Gamefi community, and its popularity is anticipated to skyrocket in the not too distant future.

I. Introduction

1. What is ATMCar?

ATMCar is a Web3 lifestyle app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements

The goal of ATMCar is to encourage as many people as possible to switch to a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation such as electric vehicles. This will help reduce the amount of gasoline that is consumed in addition to the amount of CO, HC, and NOX emissions that are produced as a result of the transportation process. Anyone may be held responsible for something.

The player has their choice of many different types of electric cars NFTs, and if they take them for a spin in the open world, they have the opportunity to earn in-game currency that can be exchanged for real-world cash or sold for a profit. ATMCar plans to do more than simply advocate for a future with lower carbon emissions in order to accomplish all of these goals.

ATMCar plans to increase environmental awareness, combat global warming, and introduce the general public to Web 3.0 by utilizing Game-Fi. ATMCar will rely on the Social-Fi component of its platform to provide a long-lasting platform for user-generated content related to Web 3.0. Game-Fi will be available on iOS and Android devices.

Take into account that the information included in the Whitepaper can be subject to modification when ATMCar moves through its public beta phase.

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2. How to get started

To begin, users must download the ATMCar application.

➣ Step 1:  Download the ATMCar app (Coming soon)
You can visit the official website first:

➣ Step 2:  Sign-up for ATMCar
After getting access to the app on your respective device, you will be able to sign up for ATMCar with your email address. You will receive a verification code that you need to key in to enter the app

➣ Step 3:  Create a new Wallet
Click on the Wallet icon on the top right corner of the screen.
The app will generate a 12-word secret phrase. This will be used to recover your Wallet if you uninstall the app or forget your password. Important – Note this phrase and save it somewhere safe (Write it down physically and store it somewhere only you will have access to.)

➣ Step 4:  Transfer BNB into your in-app Wallet
Transfer BNB to an in-app wallet to buy NFT Cars in the Marketplace and always keep some BNB as gas in your Wallet account.

➣ Step 5:  Purchase a Car
Head over to the in-app Marketplace and pick out Car! You can use the Filter tool to look for a Car type of your preference. Ensure you have enough BNB for the purchase.

Congrats! You are all set. After the purchase of a Car, energy will restore at a rate of 25% every 6 hours (Fixed at MST Time 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00) You can start your ATMCar journey immediately after the first 25% energy restoration.

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3. Gameplay

3.1. Game modes

Tokens, also known as MCC, may be acquired by driving NFT autos in Solo Mode and venturing outside of the garage. One unit of energy is used and numerous MCCs are obtained for every one kilometer that is accumulated in total movement. Following the user’s acquisition of the NFT car, it is their responsibility to replenish the energy supply. Before you can go outdoors, you have to start the game by selecting a car and then pressing the Start button.

Either “Moving” or “Not Moving” need to be shown in the status bar that appears at the very top of the screen.

➢ Parking: If the app detects a poor GPS/internet connection or the user is not naturally moving, this will be shown (i.e. using an electric scooter or strap phone on their dog). Parked users will not be rewarded with MCC, and they may or may not lose Energy depending on the situation.

➢ GPS Signal: White – No GPS; Red – Poor GPS; Yellow – medium GPS; Green – Strong GPS.

Always make sure you have Energy before moving, as there is no token earning if you have zero Energy.

➢ MCC will be paid out for every minute of movement, which is dependent on 4 main factors:

a. Type of Car – Base MCC returns for each Car differs. Refer to the Car Attributes section for the individual breakdown of each Car type.

b. Car’s Speed Attribute – The higher the speed, the more MCC earned per minute. Users can earn MCC from Level 0 to Level 30. 

c. Car’s Comfort Attribute – The higher the comfort, the more MCC earned per minute. . For MCC releasing detail, refer to the Tokenomic section.

d. Consume time – An appropriate length of time should be spent by users in order to optimize income. The money a user generates may be lowered by up to 90% if they spend more or less time than is considered appropriate.

Once the energy is exhausted, the user will stop earning tokens and automatically exit the Solo Mode.

➢ Mystery Box: During Solo Mode, you may get a “Mystery Box,” which is a random drop of goodies. Level 1–3 components are included. Four Mystery Box slots are available to each user.

Cars share its five quality kinds with Mystery Box. After getting a Mystery Box, you’ll have to wait before opening it, and the timer will begin counting down from that point on. They’ll pay a little sum of MCC (the Base Cost) to unlock it after the countdown is over. The time it takes for a Mystery Box’s countdown to expire rises with its quality.

II. Roadmap

• The concept of Drive to earn was born
• Research feasibility
• Team brainstorming
• Market survey 

Q1. 2022
• Develop contracts, NFTs, market functions
• Calibrate GPS Positioning
• Building a chat community 

Q2. 2022
• Complete the function and test
• Official website online, car NFT online
• Connect to Binance Smart Chain
• APP login to Google Play and App Store 

Q3. 2022
• EFC and MCC login exchange
• Develop car rental, missions, PVP, badge system
• Develop car metaverse and access virtual community 

Q4. 2022
• Improve the social system
• Develop a qualifying system
• Donate Fees to Institutions Fighting Climate Change 

• Improve the ATMCar ecosystem
• Invest more capital to govern the environment
• Develop more new features
• And more…

III. Project Tokenomics

➧ Game Token: Metaverse Car Coin
➧ Symbol: MCC
➧ Network: BSC
➧ Total supply: 300,000,000 MCC
➧ Contract address: 0xf37cc1a777acd927c79f1e1e280b45d58730bcf4

1. Token Allocation

Name Percentage Amount Wallet Vesting
Private Sale 8.00% 24 000 000 0x439bE98381A95e90900e91e607D39FD7B233F4c2 Full lock for 12 months, then linear unlocking in 12 months
Team 13.00% 39 000 000 0x059589DB69f40E1751854Fc643Dd7C9470619DE1 Full lock for 12 months , then linear unlocking in 24 months
Advisors 2% 6 000 000 0xBC4619530221238F4E6Dca02d083749e62D3D708
Operators 4% 12 000 000 0x530be21E33A564F5f8A618c6f0588202a8a4E575
Community Marketing 3% 9 000 000 0xAdC3065F857Fe3907b74c36403005A205ed7e516
Ecosystem / Treasury 20.00% 60 000 000 0x3A9470DaA18d84Af588E9eD1764892693939F071 Full lock for 6 month , then linear unlocking in 12 months
Drive and Earn 50.00% 150 000 000 0x954cf0A70170fCB69C73512a8De4A5b4E8EAeB1a
Total 100.00% 300 000 000

2. MCC Burning Mechanics (Destroying)

The MCC is burned by:
◾ Car-Minting
◾ Charge
◾ Leveling up Cars
◾ Components upgrade
◾ Unlocking Socket

3. Governance & Ecosystem fund

3.1. Team’s Profit

As a result of these fees, the team’s profits will be reinvested into the ATMCar ecosystem at least five percent of the time, if not more often. The team’s BNBChain profit is as follows:

Contract Address: ​0xC891D47E898242ED006F3814D75E886Fc9df992E

3.2. Governance

It is up to the Stock staker to determine what to do with the additional taxes received by ATMCar.

Voting Option Profit Distribution Consequence
Generous Giver 70% Carbon Offsetting, 30% dividend Reward voters’ MCC
Kind Giver 55% Carbon Offsetting, 45% dividend Reward voters’ MCC
Matcher 40% Carbon Offsetting, 60% dividend NA
Greedy Taker 25% Carbon Offsetting, 75% dividend Burn voters’ MCC
Selfish Taker 10% Carbon Offsetting, 90% dividend Burn voters’ MCC

3.3. Voting Power

By locking the staked Stocks , users will get higher voting power:

Locking Period Weight
1 month 1
3 months 4
6 months 8
1 year 16
2 years 32
3 years 64

3.4. Ecosystem fund (Treasury)

Unlocking 1.5 million MCC will take place on the first day of each month, which corresponds to 0.3 percent of the overall supply. These MCC will be used to assist with the development of ATMCar’s worldwide ecosystem. Any remaining MCC balances will be stored in the ATMCar treasury for future use.

Treasury address: 0xAdC3065F857Fe3907b74c36403005A205ed7e516

IV. Stock NFTs

1. Basic Introduction

ATMCar will publicly sell 50,000 NFT Stocks, totaling 30% of the company’s shares.
Each NFT will represent 0.0006% of the stake.
With NFT Stocks, you become a shareholder of ATMCar.

2. Privilege

● The distribution of tax dividends occurs once every 10 days. The bigger the number of stocks, the larger the share.

● When the prerequisites are met, namely having a sufficient quantity of things, the daily driving revenue will go up.

● When minting, users are required to hold Stocks.

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3. Postscript

The amount of money made through the sale of NFT Stocks will not be chosen at random by the project team.
In order for the transaction to become effective, NFT Stocks need to be moved into the ATMCar account.

You may either sell it, give it to someone else, or recycle it to the project team for the same amount that you paid for it if you decide you no longer want it. (A function for recycling is currently being worked on.)

Contract address: 0xe8600340F01b73cCb92ea86b86AbA14731665818

V. Car NFT

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1. Car Attributes

⧫ Speed (MCC Earning) – Solo Mode
In Solo Mode, MCC profits are affected by the player’s speed. If you have a higher Speed Attribute, you will make more MCC for the same amount of Energy that you spend.

⧫ Luck (Mystery Box) – Solo Mode, CAR Rental (Coming Soon)
Both the frequency of and the overall quality of a Mystery Box drop are determined by luck. Users also have the opportunity to get Mystery Box drops while their Cars are leased out to other players.

⧫ Comfort (MCC Earning) – Solo Mode
Coming soon.

⧫ Durability (Battery/Charging) – Solo Mode
Within Solo Mode, Durability has an impact on the pace at which the battery dies. A longer lifespan for the battery will be achieved via increased durability.

The cost of charging will increase according to the degree or quality of the Car. A battery bar may be found in every vehicle. The amount of battery remaining will drop as the user moves. A “low battery” penalty is assessed to the vehicle at two battery contact points:
➢ At 50/100 battery, Car Speed drops to 90%
➢ At 20/100 battery, Car Speed drops to 10%

Burning MCC will allow users to reset the Car’s Attribute points to their default values. The cost of the reset will increase proportionately with the number of times it is performed, with a maximum allowed expenditure (Under Development).

2. Car Types

There are three sorts of cars, each of which is built to handle a distinct range of travel distances:

Name Moving distance (km) Base Return at Optimal Speed
Short 1 12 MCC / 1 Energy spent
Medium 2 14 MCC / 1 Energy spent
Long 4 16 MCC / 1 Energy spent

Users’ base MCC return is not static, and several factors may cause it to fluctuate:
● Car Speed (Low Durability affects Speed).
● GPS signal – users will earn less if GPS signal is poor.
● Mobile Data signal strength and stability – if the data signal is choppy, it could also reduce earnings.
● Randomization.

In subsequent updates, information on MCC Return rates will be supplied.

3. Car Quality

They are planning to deploy 3000 ATMCar official first NFT boxes. There are five different characteristics of a Car. When a Car is created, the values of its Attributes are generated at random within a range that is determined by the minimum and maximum values for that Car’s quality. As a consequence of this, it is possible for cars of the same quality to have quite distinct attribute distributions.

Quality Min. Attribute Max. Attribute
Common 1 10
Uncommon 8 18
Rare 15 35
Epic 28 63
Legendary 50 112

4. Car Level

Burning MCC allows users to level up their Cars to a higher degree. Every level-up has a certain amount of time that must be spent on it, and this time grows in tandem with the minimum quantity of MCC that must be collected. The use of an even greater quantity of MCC is able to expedite the procedure.

Upon level-up, users will attain 4 – 12 additional Attribute points to assign according to their Car quality.

Quality Attribute Point/Level up
Common 4
Uncommon 6
Rare 8
Epic 10
Legendary 12

Additional perks will be unlocked upon reaching certain level milestones:

Milestone Triggered Event
Level 5 Unlocks Socket 1
Level 5 Unlocks Car-minting
Level 10 Unlocks Car Lease function
Level 10 Unlocks Socket 2
Level 15 Unlocks Socket 3
Level 20 Unlocks Socket 4

5. Car Customization (Under Development)

When a player reaches Level 30, they are given the opportunity to burn MCC, Stocks, or NFT in order to modify their Cars. This includes, but is not limited to, altering their name, adding a quotation, adding additional Attribute points, and other similar customizations. More information about the ability to customize will be made available very shortly.

6. Genesis Car

Genesis Car on BNBChain are Car #00,001 – 10,000

7. Amazing reward


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Time to see whether you’re lucky. The time has come! Are you ready?

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Participation in the discussion is eagerly anticipated. Please join us on a fun and rewarding trip.

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