10,000 Grumpy Grandpas NFT Retiring To Solana, Only 200 Whitelisting Spots Left

Meet Grumpy Grandpas, the first member of the non-fungible family. The Solana blockchain is home to 10,000 distinct seniors. Launching at 11 p.m. UTC on November 11th!



Grumpy Grandpas is a Solana NFT collection that will debut on November 11th, Veterans Day. The 10,000-piece collection is the first in Grumpy’s non-fungible family, and it will feature one of the surprise celebs revealed on their page this week.

GrumpyTube, a web series with its own animated series, will also be launched as part of the initiative. In Season 1, each episode will showcase a Grumpy Grandpa with a unique trait. Their goal is to increase demand for the Grumpy’s you own…and, of course, to make you laugh.

A community wallet will get 50% of any revenues made from the project. This cash will be used towards whatever the community deems to be the most beneficial project. If the community chooses to utilize the cash for a good cause, their team will match the donations, and 100% of the profits will go to the cause chosen by the community. Spots on their whitelist are still available in their Discord. 


Q4 2021

All royalties received from post-mint sales will be put into a community fund for future development. Every month, the community will vote on how the monies should be used. If the community votes to utilize the proceeds for charitable reasons, the whole month’s royalties will be donated to the chosen organization.

Grumpy Guardians will get access to a limited Grumpy Grandpa Merch Drop, which will include shirts, caps, and hoodies depicting your own Grumpy Grandpa. 

Q1 2022

GrumpyTube will debut an animated web series of its own. Every other week, new episodes will be uploaded on GrumpyTube, where you may watch them. Each episode will highlight a distinct Grumpy with a unique trait. The money earned by the mint’s staff will be used to promote the episodes on social media platforms each week, aimed at anybody interested in the NFT market. 

Q2 2022

They reveal the next non-fungible family member, who will remain a mystery for the time being. You’ll get a free NFT of the current addition if you hold a Grumpy Grandpa at the launch of their next NFT. This is done not just to encourage people to keep their Grumpy’s, but also to boost demand in March/April 2022. 

Q3 2022

GrumpyTube S2:E1 – “Grumpy’s Got Company”: In Season 2 of GrumpyTube, the Grumpy Crew introduces its newest recruits. So grab a Grumpy and come hang out with the community for some non-fungible family fun. 

The Grumpy Grandpas Launching

Public Sale begins on Veterans Day November 11th, 2021 at 11 pm UTC.

There will be 10,000 Grumpy Grandpa NFT’s and each will cost 2 SOL to mint.

Minting will occur right here. The mint button above will be activated at 11 pm UTC on November 11th.

Royalties are 5% for every trade post mint with 2.5% going to a community fund run by holders.

Pre-sale opportunities are now live. Check out Twitter & Discord for the latest update. 

Learn More

Instagram: https://instagram.com/grumpygrandpasnft

Twitter: https://twitter.com/grumpygrandpas

Website: http://grumpygrandpasnft.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/AeFZWsFTUT

Medium: https://medium.com/@grumpygrandpasnft