Amasa Joins Hands with Polygon Studios to Push Play-to-Earn Gaming Forward

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  • Amasa partners with Polygon Studios to accelerate Play-to-Earn adoption.
  • The team plans to integrate with tools and wallet developments by Polygon Studios.
  • They expressed their excitement to be working with Polygon Studios

Amasa joins hands with Polygon Studios to accelerate the adoption of Play-to-Earn gaming and non-fungible tokens. Amasa, dubbed as “the world’s first micro income stream invest” will collaborate with Polygon Studios to facilitate the Web2 to Web3 transition of game development.

Working under the umbrella of Polygon, Polygon Studios acts as the arm that focuses on gaming on Web3 and non-fungible tokens. Their objective is to boost the adoption of decentralized applications and tech centering on Web3.

With this, Amasa aims to utilize the tools and wallet developments from Polygon Studios and connect with upcoming projects. According to the team, the development of new gaming and NFT projects makes it the right timing for Amasa and Polygon Studios to show Web3 to more people.

Amasa Founder and Core Contributor Will Birks say,

We’re thrilled to be working with Polygon Studios on technical solutions towards our common goals of growing Web 3 gaming and metaverse ecosystems to the ultimate benefit of users globally.

Meanwhile, Polygon Studios will be able to utilize Amasa’s functions that lets them pull multiple decentralized finance primitives and building blocks to make something that would allow access to your everyday users.

According to the team, this collaboration will enhance the already great relationship of Amasa with Polygon. The Polygon Co-Founder Sandeep Nailwal is an angel investor in Amasa. With this, Amasa’s partnership with Animoca Brands, a partner of both companies, is also strengthened.