Bitcoin Broker FastBitcoins Reboots, Enters Brazilian Market

  • Bitcoin broker FastBitcoins has announced a company reboot, expanding existing offerings and bringing new services to users.
  • FastBitcoins now allows customers in the U.K., E.U., Australia, Canada, and Brazil to purchase bitcoin directly from their bank accounts in a seamless way.
  • Some countries also have cash alternatives, allowing users to buy BTC physically at FastBitcoins partners’ locations.

Bitcoin broker FastBitcoins has revamped its brand design and strategy, launching a new set of features and venturing into new markets, according to a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The platform has sought to reduce friction of its digital-native offerings and allow easy access to bitcoin for people around the world.

“When we launched, FastBitcoins predominantly served the U.K. where we enabled anyone to buy bitcoin vouchers with cash in local shops via our own POS devices,” said Danny Brewster, CEO of FastBitcoins, per the release. “We’ve quickly grown into an international player empowering consumers and businesses with access to a range of bitcoin services. The new brand and functionality embodies the next stage of the business, the point of our journey where we transition to become a global, trusted bitcoin financial services company.”

FastBitcoins is also now live in the Latin American market, according to the release, by enabling digital and physical offerings in Brazil. The company will integrate its services to the country’s instant money transferring platform, Pix, to enable Brazilians to buy bitcoin directly from their bank accounts. Cash transactions will be possible in over 50,000 physical locations through partnerships formed with Boleto Bancario, Brazil’s most popular cash payment method, and Lotericas, the country’s most extensive retail point of sale.

New functionalities in the platform allow users in the E.U., U.K., and Canada to buy bitcoin directly through their banks, effectively reducing costs. Additionally, a bank account is now all that is needed for Australian users to dollar cost average (DCA) and U.K. customers to sign up. Moreover, all FastBitcoins customers now also have access to 24/7 customer support, per the release.

Furthermore, the company has applied new branding and a cleaner user interface across its entire platform, promising a better and more intuitive user experience in all of the company’s channels.