DigiNation’s DigiAvatar Sale Kicks Off on November 15, Bringing NFTs with Evolving Traits to Market

DigiAvatars are more than just NFTs, they are an NFT-based identity system.

In a truly first-of-its-kind launch, DigiNation has announced its inaugural DigiAvatar sale which will bring to life NFTs with evolving on-chain traits. The inaugural collection titled “Adam and Eve”, will feature 1024 NFTs for sale, with 950 being available for public mint on a first-come-first-serve basis. The remainder will be made available for engaged members of the DigiNation community. 

The DigiAvatar sale will start on November 14 at 2 pm UTC for the whitelist mint and on November 15 at 2 pm UTC for the public mint. The price per NFT will be 0.08 ETH plus gas and will be available on OpenSea for secondary purchase after the launch. Collectors will be able to view their DigiAvatars on NFTLive, Digination’s 3D gallery experience in the Metaverse that recently showcased Crypto Punks in 3D. 

Identity and the Greater Implication for NFTs

With over $1.7 billion dollars in transactions in the past month, NFTs have officially reached mainstream potential as collectors and casual buyers support their favorite artists and look for a chance of being on the ground floor of something innovative. Most of this activity is still being categorized as NFT 1.0, with a greater focus on building engaging and evolving opportunities moving into the next wave of NFT utility and experience. 

DigiNation is at the forefront of this movement and has pioneered a concept called Metacreation, which is an all-encompassing Metaverse-driven goal of providing the underlying infrastructure to empower the Metaverse. This includes building a system that is quantifiable, readable, accessible, and scalable.

At the core of this is the concept of identity, which is stored on-chain to prove ownership and more importantly, user behavior. In this world, interactions and creations are free-flowing and evolving to create a more dynamic Metaverse experience. This is done by having a focus on modules in the form of NFTs that are composable and interoperable across various Metaverses. 

DigiAvatar is a prime example of this in action. DigiAvatars are more than just NFTs, they are an NFT-based identity system. These unique visualized playable 3D characters act as citizens within DigiNation, allowing behavior and credit information to be continuously updated on-chain. This ever-evolving identity is owned by users and permissionless to be compatible for any Metaverse to access. This means by acquiring this identity, you get to access and grow within the DigiNation Metaverse and the Metaverse in general. 

Imagine taking the previous static utilities of NFTs and bringing them to life. This is the experience that DigiAvatar is providing. Collectors have the chance to be a part of the transition to NFT 2.0 in real-time by exploring identity within the Metaverse through collections like DigiAvatar. 

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