Ethrone – A New Approach to Decentralized Strategy Games

Ethrone is a Polygon blockchain-based strategic game built by @joenrv. The core concept is simple: the player who stays the longest time on the Ethrone gets the prize! 


Ethrone was created by @joenrv as a fun side project. It is totally decentralized, with no human involvement required to distribute the rewards to a new winner each day.

Ethrone is a game of complete information, like chess, in which every participant has access to the same information. To win the round, it requires calculated plays and responding to the opponent’s tactics.

How The Game Works


The source code for Ethrone’s smart contract is open source and has been validated on Polyscan.

It is in charge of controlling the rounds and keeping track of each player’s score. The Chainlink Keeper system automatically calls the logic to end the round and transfer the reward every 24 hours.

Once the game begins, a new round will begin precisely every 24 hours, with no human interaction. The contract makes it impossible to finish a round before the specified time.

The Policy

Taking the Ethrone requires submitting a transaction on the blockchain. The game guarantees that only one person can hold the Ethrone for a particular block and safely handle transactions.

Every Blockchain transaction has a value as well as gas fees for processing.

The transaction value is represented by your army budget and is added to the prize pool. The value is fixed and the same for everyone (1 $MATIC).

The gas fee is the mercenary budget, and it varies with each transaction. Setting greater gas prices allows you to complete transactions more quickly.

Because there can only be one person on the Ethrone for each block, only one will be successful if numerous attacks (transactions) are sent inside the same block. The winner receives a guaranteed duration on the throne, which will be at the very least the time required to mine the next block. Ultimately, the network determines who claims the Ethrone for each block, utilizing a tried-and-true decentralized method powered by gas fees.

The game keeps track of how much time each player spends on the Ethrone, and players may only retake it a certain amount of times every round. A round lasts 24 hours, and when it ends, whoever has spent the longest time on the Ethrone automatically receives the prize pool.

A new round starts immediately after the previous one. Thus there is always one winner every day. The winner receives 90% of the prize pool, with 10% going back into the game to fund operating expenses and continued development. If more than two players finish the round at the same time (in seconds), the person who took the Ethrone first wins.

Ensuring Fairness

To maintain the game fair and safe, the rules are constructed so that miners/validators are incentivized to keep the game operating rather than abuse it. Miners have some say over how transactions are carried out in a decentralized network. It is potentially conceivable for all miners to agree to halt the game for one player to win.

However, since gas taxes are a crucial component, stopping the game would imply refusing to complete elevated transactions. It is exceedingly doubtful that all miners would unanimously agree to pass on high-value transactions for a comparably minor daily reward increase. It is in the miners’ best interests to keep the game functioning fairly, allowing players to compete with high-value transactions.

Another attack vector would be to automate seizing the Ethrone using a bot that continually sends transactions to the contract. By restricting the number of tries per participant every round, the rules make it considerably more difficult to construct such a bot. This constraint favors clever maneuvers over raw force, and it allows for fascinating strategic thought.

How To Play?

Basic Information

Plan your acquisition of the Ethrone strategically to maximize your time on it!

  • Attack the Ethrone to capture it (costs 1 $MATIC)
  • Time spent on the Ethrone is accrued and added to your overall score.
  • Each successful capture contributes to a prize pool paid in $MATIC.
  • Each round, players are granted a limited amount of captures.
  • Every round is 24 hours long.
  • At the end of the round, the player who has accumulated the most time on the Ethrone wins the prize pool and a unique NFT trophy!

The participant who spends the longest time on the Ethrone is the winner, not the last player to capture it! 

Time Booster (Lastest Feature)

The most recent update introduced Time Boosters, which reward players for playing but not winning the round, giving them an advantage in subsequent games.

The more rounds you play, the greater the advantage you gain over other players!


To make the most of your time on the throne, you must constantly monitor and react to the actions of other players. On the Leaderboard, you can see all of the round’s information:

  • Time spent on the Ethrone by each player 
  • Their attacks numbers that they have left.
  • The time booster that they have. 
  • Who is the currently on the Ethrone

There is no element of chance or randomness in the game; everything is predictable, and the game provides all the information necessary for players to make their decisions.

(see website for full explanation)

What Makes Ethrone Different

Ethrone is a decentralized strategy game that is built up based on fairness, transparency, and an intelligent autonomous system. In contrast to other games, Ethrone is approachable, easy to play, with low time investment and high-value rewards paid in $MATIC, a valuable token that has utility outside the game. 

Easy To Play

With just some steps to sync your wallet to Ethrone, you can immediately participate in the battle to claim the Ethrone. The game is also mobile-friendly, making it convenient to play from your phone.

The game rule is straightforward, contrasting with other complex play to earn games:

  • Take the Ethrone
  • Hold it for as long you can to win!

Runs Autonomously

In Ethrone, each round will last up to a maximum of 24hours. The next round will start automatically after the winner’s prize and trophy are distributed. It ensures the transparency and the smooth flow of systems that do not need the intervention of humans. 

Uses A Well-known Token ($MATIC)

Ethrone doesn’t use its own token but the Large-Cap Token $MATIC to play and reward players. This makes the rewards more valuable with immediate value outside of the game. 

Each player who would like to participate in the game only requires a few $MATIC tokens to play, which is already required for any transaction on Polylgon.

At the end of the round, The player that accumulates the longest time on the Ethrone wins the prize pool in $MATIC and a unique NFTs trophy.

Enhancing Player Experiences

Ethrone has an open roadmap that players can influence. The plan is to continue developing new features openly with the help of player input on Twitter and Discord. Several players have already contributed to the game’s development through their feedback, such as the addition of push notifications when someone captures the Ethrone from you. One exciting new feature coming soon is the addition of NFT items that may be employed as comeback mechanics when trailing behind or as defensive mechanics to maintain your lead position.

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Final Thoughts

With its strategic gameplay and straightforward rule set, Ethrone promises to give players a range of unique experiences that encourage calculated plays. The developer, who is also a member of @developer dao, intends to organize further rounds with high prize pools in the future to celebrate the project’s accomplishments. The next one will take place whenever he reaches 1,000 Twitter followers. We’re excited for the new features that are going to be shown soon. We can see Ethrone’s potential to become the leader in decentralized strategic games.