Rowan Energy to Provide Sponsorship for Rhythms Sans Frontiers

Rowan Energy, the world’s first blockchain green energy company is delighted to announce its sponsorship of Rhythms Sans Frontieres (RSF).


RSF is a groundbreaking music festival presenting some of the best music and artists on the planet. It celebrates cultural diversity and gives voice to good causes and organizations in support of human rights, humanitarian, and climate change action.

Rowan Energy is the main sponsor for Rhythms Sans Frontieres Festival 2022. This sponsorship symbolizes that Rowan Energy shares the same ethos and values as RSF. Both parties believe passionately in sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.


Rowan Energy’s dream is to see solar panels on the roof of every house. In February, the platform ran a beta launch, putting 50 Smart Miners into peoples’ homes in the UK.  A Smart Miner is a Rowan Energy device, combining a Smart Meter and Crypto Miner. In return for generating renewable energy and validating transactions on the blockchain, the platform rewards its customers 10p worth of Rowan Coin for every 1kWh produced.

This encourages the adoption of rooftop solar, whilst helping the UK to reach carbon zero.

Since its launching in 2018, the solar power company has been making waves and is now in a heavy development process. Rowan Energy leads the way for other solar panel energy providers in how businesses can be part of and contribute to the climate change agenda by using technology and innovation for the development of infrastructure. 

David Duckworth Rowan Energy’s CEO and founder said, “Rowan Energy are very proud to be in partnership with RSL for sponsorship and carbon offsetting.  Not only is it going to be an incredible festival but also the team really cares about human rights and the environment.”

For further information, please email or visit the website.     


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