UbuntuTokens Connects Blockchain Technology with Charities

Place/Date: Sydney, Australia – November 12th, 2021 at 9:54 pm UTC · 6 min read
Contact: Ubuntu Tokens,

Ubuntu Tokens is excited to announce the release of its blockchain-based charity platform. The platform seeks to combine the traditional world of charity organizations with the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Ubuntu Tokens was developed due to the lacking transparency of conventional charity organizations – a limitation that can’t be ignored.

Why Crypto?

One of the benefits of cryptocurrency is its decentralization and transparency, which makes it the perfect platform for charitable donations. With blockchain, all transactions are public and available to view at any time. This helps to alleviate issues such as misappropriated funds, and lack of trust.

The Ubuntu Tokens platform connects crypto investors with a reliable and robust donation pathway. While also raising the bar for transparency and accountability in  the  Binance,  Ethereum, and Polygon blockchain ecosystems.

How does Ubuntu Tokens Work?

Ubuntu Tokens has plans to build a very strong charitable strategy that will leverage the capabilities of blockchain technology. This ensures that all funding and donations have the widest reach globally across different charitable causes. This is possible by leveraging blockchain transactions tax fees to feed the donation wallet. In other words, the current token economy will benefit both the token holders and the charities.

The Ubuntu Tokens charity organization is a new kind of decentralized autonomous organization  (DAO) dedicated to creating a global community. Three charity causes will be the focus of Ubuntu: Cancer Treatment, Disability and Mental Health support, and education for the less privileged children. These donations will be live-streamed, recorded, and posted on their social media platforms to ensure absolute transparency.

Where Can You Find $UBUT?

To plan for the greatest success, $UBUT will initially be available on the largest decentralized exchanges (DEX) on their respective blockchains: Binance Smart Chain via Pancakeswap, Ethereum via Uniswap, and Polygon via Quickswap. By bridging the leading DeFi  blockchains, $UBUT is on a path towards more users and a large total locked value (TVL).

This will provide the broadest market potential for $UBUT token, which the company will continue to advance by listing on other centralized exchanges as the project matures. Other future plans include the $UBUT technical team designing its own decentralized exchange called Ubuntuswap.

All About UbuntuSwap

Ubuntu Tokens believes that the future extension of this program, UbuntuSwap will help maximize the positive impact created by Ubuntu Tokens. UbuntuSwap will be a decentralized global cryptocurrency exchange platform running on three blockchain networks (BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon), where users can exchange their tokens and swap them for other cryptocurrencies.

This will ensure that Ubuntuswap leverages the lower cost of transactions provided by the BSC  network and the high scalability provided by Ethereum and Polygon networks. Additionally,  UbuntuSwap will also support the creation, sale, and purchase of NFT digital art and collectibles on a secured blockchain. These key features will help to attract more investors and philanthropists.

How UBUT Ensures Transparency

The directors of the project believe radical transparency is the only way to build a sustainable and trusting community. This is why the tokenomics of $UBUT are described in detail, helping to maintain a standard of clarity and straightforwardness. The total volume of Ubuntu Tokens is allocated in this way:

  • Charity (25%) – 25 Billion Tokens
  • Liquidity pool (20%) 20 Billion Tokens
  • Operations and Marketing (5%) – 5 Billion Tokens
  • Presales (25%) – 25 Billion Tokens
  • Community presales – 15 Billion Tokens
  • Private pre sales – 10 Billion Tokens
  • Founding Team (15%) – 15 Billion Tokens
  • Tokens and Burn (10%) – 10 Billion Tokens (burning will be scheduled quarterly).

Each transaction has a 6% tax transaction fee and is distributed as follows:

  • 2% allocated to a Charity Wallet for distribution to the partner charity organizations.
  • 2% allocated for buy-backs, liquidity pools, and rewards pools such as community giveaways and airdrops.
  • 1%: DAO for token development, operations, and marketing.
  • 1%: Token holders in the form of an automatic dividend, which incentivizes holding.

What About Security?

No crypto token can ensure a stable market increase, however, $UBUT is a crypto token you can believe in. This is NOT just because anyone who purchases the token is guaranteed a profit. Like any new crypto token, Ubuntu Token will face a volatile market that requires diligent, responsible investment.

However, the team has taken every step possible to ensure $UBUT is a fair, reliable, and sustainable token. These initiatives include the following:

  • Burned liquidity – to ensure the longevity of $UBUT by reducing overall market size.
  • Self-sustainability – a transaction tax is leveraged to continuously build liquidity in the treasury, which helps to reduce price volatility. As the coin gains traction, token transactions will have a lower impact and offer greater stability for holders.
  • Multisig wallet – a smart contract wallet that requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur. This is an added security layer for the token/liquidity pool.
  • Progressively decentralized – all decisions are made in the community’s favor.
  • Token vesting and locked liquidity – $UBUT initial token liquidity pool will be locked under a certified liquiditylocker, ensuring safety and security for our community of investors.
  • Process overseers – To ensure end-to-end delivery, monitoring, and transparency on the delivery of the charity outreach, some members of the founding team will be involved in this process where convenient.

Ubuntu’s Mission & Philosophy

The mission and philosophy of Ubuntu Tokens is to drive inclusion and transparency in charity through the endless possibilities that blockchain provides. This ensures that absolutely no one is left behind and that those who are in need will be provided for, including the vulnerable people of our communities.

$UBUT is a charity token inspired by the project’s passion and love for charity and its desire to give back to the community. This token is inspired by Ubuntu Tokens’ philosophy of love,  compassion, and kindness, “I am because we are”.

Future Plans & Contact

In the future, Ubuntu plans on sharing videos of charitable donations, partner events, and outreaches on their social media platforms. Stay up to date with their current happenings by checking out and following our social media.

For more news and latest updates please visit Ubuntu Discord and Facebook account. Feel free to join Ubuntu community in Telegram Channel (Telegram Group), Twitter and Instagram.

For information on how to buy $UBUT, be a partner, and to view the basic rules of participation, visit the project’s website.

For more information on the launch itself, please contact us at [email protected]