Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson excited about the 2022 roadmap for Cardano’s ‘living, growing ecosystem’

  • Charles Hoskinson has revealed that he is really loving how the roadmap for 2022 Cardano is coming together.
  • In 2022, many great innovations are coming to meet the hundreds of projects building on Cardano.

IOHK CEO and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is already looking ahead at what to possibly expects from Cardano in 2022. Without giving many details, the founder said that he was convinced the roadmap for Cardano in 2022 is coming together. He further revealed that there will be great innovations that will meet the hundreds of projects building on the Cardano ecosystem which he referred to as a “living ecosystem, growing, refining, adapting, and becoming stronger.”

His comments come just days after IOHK, the company behind Cardano, discussed in a blog post plans to optimize network performance as it continues to grow. IOHK’s Tim Harrison stated;

As the network grows and Cardano functions at a higher capacity, we will be adjusting the parameterization to keep up with network demand.

By building “more efficient traffic systems” for the near term, Cardano will avoid the mistake made by Ethereum which has for years now suffered from congestion. It is only now set to fix this with the launch of Ethereum 2.0. Not only has IOHK begun ahead on this but has also promised ‘gradual upgrades that will be implemented over the course of the next few months.’ It is especially watching the NFT space which has proven not to be a fad. Cardano hopes to be the go-to place for such as well as DeFi projects.

Recently, Cardano celebrated a major milestone after topping two million ADA wallets. Interestingly, crypto staking statistics provider revealed that 71 percent of Cardano’s current supply is staked by ADA holders. This potentially creates a shortage and drives up prices due to demand.

Cardano (ADA) price action

Since marking its all-time high of $3.10 about three months ago, Cardano’s ADA has in recent weeks been stale leading to its dethroning as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. With a little over $68 billion, the digital asset is 6th in the rankings and locked in a battle with Solana (SOL) which is in around the same cap for 5th place.

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According to our data, ADA is exchanging for $2.05 after a 2 percent negative change in the last 24 hours. In recent times, many analysts have predicted explosive price movement from ADA. Other than Lark Davis, Ben Armstrong is another who expects Cardano to reach and surpass $10.