FreeTON DeFi Alliance Announces Partnerships with Indian Developer KBA and Blockchain Centre India for the Next Top TON Startup Hackathon

Blockchain ecosystem FreeTON DeFi Alliance has announced its partnership with the Kerala Blockchain Academy and Blockchain Centre India to help boost awareness and participation in the Next Top TON startup competition. This one of a kind contest allows developers from around the world to take part in a virtual hackathon and other activities. Both KBA and Blockchain Centre India are well-known groups in India advocating the use of blockchain tech.

Meanwhile, FreeTON has just launched a rebranding campaign and will now be called Everscale. Additionally, the blockchain organization has decided to burn 3 billion of its TON Crystal tokens to rebalance the supply and demand and integrate with major exchanges. TON token will become EVER (the Everscale token), per the organization’s announcement. Currently, CMC data shows that Everscale (formerly FreeTON) is ranked 289 and its market cap is exceeding $256M. 

The Next Top TON Startup was launched by the FreeTON DeFi Alliance and by digital assets firm GDA Capital and other partners in September of this year. The content, which is going to be finished by December 6, 2021, lets blockchain projects compete in a hackathon and also meet blockchain leaders.  

In addition, winners receive over 200,000 TON Crystal tokens, which are now Everscale tokens. First place winner gets 50,000 of them (based on the CMC current price of Everscale, valued at over 17,000 USD. 2nd place gets 30,000 Everscale tokens and 3rd place receives 20,000.  

“We are thrilled to have Kerala Blockchain Academy & Blockchain Centre India as our new partners for the Next Top TON Startup competition. The Everscale (formerly FreeTON) blockchain network is expanding on a global scale and empowering new talented groups of developers to help redefine our future,” GDA Capital co-founder Michael Gord said in a statement.

“Everscale (formerly FreeTON) is the only end-to-end decentralized, dynamically multithreaded, sharded blockchain architecture that can scale to an internet-level system by leveraging its on-demand scalability and consensus mechanisms to support a trustless, world-wide operating system well suited for mass adoption,” added FreeTON DeFi Alliance Founding Member Nikita Inshakov.

Previously held GDA Capital’s Next Top Blockchain Startup competition gathered more than 600 participants from 65 international universities representing 55 countries.