Hoskinson, “Loving” How Cardano’s 2022 Roadmap is Coming Together

  • Charles Hoskinson tweeted about a brief update on Cardano again.
  • He says he ‘loves’ how the roadmap for 2022 is coming together.
  • Will this make ADA surge soon?

Yesterday, Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson tweeted about a brief update on Cardano’s roadmap for 2022. The Twitter crypto community has varied opinions, of course. However, most of them were excited to hear more.

In the tweet, Hoskinson said,

I’m really loving how the roadmap for 2022 Cardano is coming together. It’s a living ecosystem, growing, refining, adapting, and becoming stronger. The technology is unbelievable and we have so many great innovations coming to meet the hundreds of projects building on Cardano.

With this, perhaps we can speculate that they are doing something ‘good’ right now for Cardano.

Last October 18, the Twitter crypto space also saw how he briefed the public on all things, Cardano. Everyone was also surprised when they sawhis broadcast come from South Africa but he just said there are a lot of “potential opportunities there”.

His previous update, as he said, was done to dampen the negative buzz about Cardano in the crypto space. However, his statement yesterday on Twitter might just turn the tables for Cardano.

One of the many who replied to Hoskinson’s tweet is Tony Edward — the founder and host of Thinking Crypto YouTube and Podcast. Edward replied, inviting Hoskinson to his show and talk about his recent statement. Surprisingly, Hoskinson also replied and said ‘Sure’.

Can we expect this collaboration to occur soon? Who knows? Will Hoskinson’s positive remark on Cardano’s roadmap for 2022 push ADA to surge? Maybe. Suffice to say, right now, the public can only watch how things will unfold after this. However, one thing is sure — that despite the negative buzz around Cardano, it is still in the game; it never went away.