Embr Aims To Build A Gateway To The Decentralized World




The emergence of blockchain technology disrupted the global financial systems and ushered in a new era. The use of smart contracts instead of intermediaries/third-party systems is gradually becoming the new standard in the financial sector. However, the steep learning curve of a “Game-changing” technology innovation like cryptocurrency is a major impediment to its overall growth.

Because of the sophisticated user experience, new users find it difficult to invest in and profit from the crypto market. In order to increase cryptocurrency adoption, a lower barrier to entry is needed to give new users a chance in the crypto markets. This article will look at Embr, a unique DeFi ecosystem that attempts to create a gateway to the decentralized world and make it easier for both new and experienced users to navigate the Crypto world.

An In-Depth Look at the Embr CeDeFi Ecosystem

Embr is a one-of-a-kind CeDeFi ecosystem that seeks to be a gateway that revolutionizes the DeFi world by providing simple investment tools and a structured user interface, making it easier for users to explore the crypto world. Also, Embr aims to provide users with a fantastic user experience and innovative crypto products, thereby building a solid ecosystem supported by its native token $EMBR. Furthermore, the Embr Ecosystem offers its users perks such as:

The Ember Portfolio Tracker And Swap Feature




The Embr App would support over 300 tokens and would be available on the Binance Smart Chain. According to the Embr team’s official announcement, the app will allow you to quickly track your digital assets and customize their home screen to display only vital information. Another feature that will be available soon is the Embr swap, which will allow users to exchange EMBR for BNB or convert it to USDT.

Embr Vault and IDO Launchpad

The Embr token vault is a smart contract built from the ground up by the Embr team and audited by Hacken, a leading security consulting firm. Embr token vaults were created to protect the interests of early $Embr investors by automatically releasing a portion of Embr tokens every month. The Embr token vault would be used to vested Embr tokens allocated for the private sale, public sale, and the Embr team.  The vesting schedule is in two forms. First, there is the private presale with a nine-month vesting schedule of 11% and another vesting schedule of 15% for six months for the public presale to prevent market dilution and exits before realizing the ecosystem’s vision.

In addition to the Embr token vault, it is essential to note that the Embr token and the IDO crowdsales smart contracts were built from the ground up and audited by Hacken, demonstrating the hard work and dedication to making Embr a safe, secure ecosystem for its users. 

Embr IDO Launchpad assists DeFi projects in raising funds and resources required to move from the ideation stage to the launch stage. Before being listed on the platform’s IDO launchpad, every DeFi project on its IDO launchpad goes through a vetting process to ensure its credibility. Users can also participate in next-generation DeFi projects with reasonable vesting schedules prior to their listing on exchanges.

The Ember ecosystem is powered by the Embr Token, a native token. Initially, the platform’s token was built on the scalable Binance smart chain. The Embr token has a total supply of 300 million tokens, used to facilitate Ecosystem activities. It’s worth noting that Embr’s allotted supply of 45 million Embr for the private presale sold out in less than three hours.

Closing Thoughts

Cryptocurrency experts take pride in the industry’s complexity, but this complexity stifles technological innovation because the learning curve is steep. The emergence of innovative DeFi ecosystems such as Embr will increase cryptocurrency adoption and revolutionize the decentralized world. By providing users with simple and innovative DeFi features, Embr appears to be well-positioned to become a gateway to the decentralized world.