Entrepreneur First Launches Web3 Startup Platform on Tezos Blockchain

  • Entrepreneur First grants talented individuals a platform to build a tech firm from scratch.
  • Entrepreneur First will look for technical expertise that will enable founders to build web3 enterprises.
  • Applications for Entrepreneur First Web3, with Tezos are open now till May 2022.

Entrepreneur First, the foremost world’s leading investor in founder talent, announces the launch of Entrepreneur First Web3 on Tezos. In detail, Entrepreneur First Web3 is a unique blockchain-based company-building platform that aims to attract new promising founders to the web3 space.

To note, Entrepreneur First offers the world’s most talented and ambitious individuals a platform to build a global technology company from scratch. The distinctive talent investor has overseen 500 companies from scratch; with a record of more than 3000 alumni worldwide and a portfolio valued at over $5bn.

Essentially, Entrepreneur First Web3 will apply EF’s proven company-building methodology. This means talented individuals can find a co-founder, build ideas together. And also, the prospective founders will pitch for investment after three and six months. In turn, experts from the Tezos community will provide technical training and guidance to the founders.

Its EF companies include Tractable (computer vision, currently valued at $1bn as of June 2021), Magic Pony Technology (AI, acquired by Twitter for a reported $150m), Merkle Science (predictive blockchain monitoring and investigative platform), Propine Capital (digital securities services), Aztec Protocol (scalable privacy on blockchain), Cleo (fintech), accuRx (healthcare communication platform), OpenCosmos (space), Transcelestial (satellite communications) and many more.

Applications for Entrepreneur First Web3 with Tezos is open until the end of May 2022. Accordingly, the initial two cohorts for 2022-2023 will pick 40-50 founders to partake in an in-person programme in London. During the course of six months, successful founders will find a co-founder, and receive funding, Likewise, they will benefit from curated workshops and extensive support.

Not only that, they will gain access to Entrepreneur First’s renowned network of investors, founders, and mentors. Subsequently, it frequently leads startups to capital, employees, and strategic partner relationships.

Stating the motive behind Entrepreneur First, Matt Clifford, the co-founder and CEO says,

Entrepreneur First was created to give founders a platform and community to find their co-founder, develop ideas and get customer traction, fast. This platform is ideal for founders who already have a clear conviction to build for a decentralised future, and want to do it as part of a tight-knit community of potential co-founders and collaborators.

Above all, Entrepreneur First launches a Web3 startup platform for the Tezos blockchain ecosystem. The pioneering Proof-of-Stake (PoS) layer-1 blockchain network, Tezos gained traction due to its low transaction fee, energy efficiency, and accessibility. As a result, Tezos many people are choosing to build, collect, and play Tezos each day.