Latest Turn in Kleiman vs Wright Lawsuit Claims Bitcoin Was Created by `Two Individuals

The Kleiman vs Wright lawsuit has taken another bizarre turn after three years of the undecided court battle. David Kleiman is the former business partner of Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin. The court battle is for $64 billion worth of Bitcoin stored in a wallet belonging to pseudo-anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright claims to be the sole creator and therefore the owner of the wallet while the Kleiman family claims it was co-created by both the business partner.

Kleiman family lawyer Vel Freedman in a recent interview with Wall Street Journal claimed that they are in possession of physical evidence that would prove Bitcoin was co-created by two individuals. He revealed that Kleiman always carried a military-grade thumbnail that could contain key information regarding the case, indicating the Klieman council could offer the thumbnail as evidence. He said,

“We believe the evidence will show there was a partnership to create and mine over one million Bitcoin,”

Craig Wright has long been known as “Faketoshi” for his obsession to prove he is the real creator of Bitcoin. The crypto community believes all he has to do is sign the original wallet with the private key, but Wright has always bailed out with some excuse or failed to do the simple task. Even at the start of this lawsuit, Wright claimed he would produce the private key soon, but that also turned out to be a time-wasting stunt.

Will Bitcoin Price Be Affected?

The crypto community believes neither of the two parties is the original creator of Bitcoin mainly because of their desperation to claim the multi-billion dollar Bitcoin wallet. The original creator did mine one million Bitcoin at the start but never touched it till today and it has become the center of the 3-year ongoing court battle.

Bitcoin price is currently trading above $65K with a bullish outlook, especially after the much-awaited Taproot integration. As for the ongoing court battle and bold claims of new evidence, it won’t be for the first time when the case has seen much speculation but eventually it turns out to be otherwise. Thus it won’t have much of an impact on BTC price given the top cryptocurrency has matured as an asset over the past three years.


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