Minima Mainnet to Launch in 2022, Reaches More Than 7,000 Complete Nodes

  • Minima has more than 7,000 complete nodes.
  • Minima exceeds half of Bitcoin’s complete nodes.
  • Minima is set to launch Mainnet in 2022.

Minima, the protocol designed to run on a mobile device, is proud to introduce a new milestone. It now has 7,000 complete nodes distributed in more than 100 countries around the world.

In addition, Minima’s fully decentralized network has exceeded half of Bitcoin’s full node count, around 11,800 nodes. Given the recent surge in network adoption, Minima expects to launch its Mainnet in 2022. Hugo Feiler, CEO of Minima, said:

Minima believes that everyone should be able to run a Complete node to ensure the network remains completely decentralized, now and into the future. For this reason, I’m excited to announce 7,000 Complete nodes today, the first major milestone on our journey towards a million nodes.

Hugo further noted, “We are grateful to our community of early users and testers, who are making our Mainnet launch in 2022 a reality.”

Minima has developed a new consensus mechanism called Transactional Proof-of-Work. It allows users to run a complete node on their smartphones as both a validator and block producer of the chain. Unlike Bitcoin’s ‘full nodes’ that only validate its chain, Minima’s complete nodes guarantee everyone’s involvement in censorship resistance.

Minima sets its eyes on becoming the most decentralized, scalable, and established protocol on the market. Achieving this would pave the way for developers to create more DApps for today’s increasing number of users.

Moreover, Minima being community-owned and operated has its perks. The energy consumption needed to protect its network will be distributed substantially across more network users. In turn, participants have the discretion to choose their energy source.