NFT Marketplace Hinata Builds Hub for Anime Community

Anime fans, otherwise known as otaku, know exactly where to go when their plane lands in Japan. The undisputed anime capital of the world lies in the central Tokyo district of Akihabara, where anime characters wander the streets like princesses at Disneyland and nearly every store on every floor of every building caters to anime fandom.

In the past, gaijin (foreigner) otaku would have to board a plane to Japan or spend exorbitant amounts on exchange rates and shipping to obtain exclusive anime collectibles produced to the rigorous standards of the island nation that gave birth to anime culture.

COVID isn’t making travel easy these days, however, diehard anime fans no longer need to look towards Japan, much less set foot in a store, to satisfy their need for owning collectibles linked with their favorite manga, video game, or series. This change is due to anime-focused NFT platforms like Hinata, which are making the process of collecting anime NFTs easier than ever.

Hinata’s NFT Marketplace Launches with Tons of Features

Hinata’s anime-focused NFT marketplace gears itself towards a specific audience for NFTs by serving the anime community, and it’s building a community with an incredible list of features:

Exclusive Collectibles

Hinata’s users will be able to find original art from creators working with the platform to make one-of-a-kind NFTs. In the future, users will have access to officially licensed art from their favorite anime, and users will be able to take part in subscription services in order to regularly receive content from their favorite artists.

NFTs, by their coded nature, guarantee an individual owns a unique digital asset, and in addition to owning a digital piece of art, Hinata’s users can have a physical collectible shipped to their home based on the art they own. The platform accepts $HiNATA, $ETH, and $USDC from users who would like to obtain collectible cards, posters, and a bevy of other physical collectibles.

DeFi Innovations

Hinata operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and since Hinata operates as a DAO, the platform’s future is guided by users who hold its WAIFU ($WAIF) governance tokens. These users make decisions about future token emissions and additions to content created for the platform, and revenues are shared among holders as well.

Hinata will implement other elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) into the platform by allowing users to stake $HiNATA tokens as LP or single assets to earn WAIFU, and in the first six months of trading, the rewards for LP deposits will be pumped with incentives. Staking also allows users to access fees as low as 0.5% per trade while buying and selling NFTs on Hinata.

Reduced Gas on Ethereum

Trading NFTs can burden one’s crypto wallet these days as everyone is vying for space in each new block produced by Ethereum’s miners. Consequently, the cost of gas on Ethereum has made transaction fees as expensive or nearly as costly as the highly sought-after works of art the fees help mint.

Hinata is alleviating the pain points caused by high gas fees by subsidizing part of the cost of using Ethereum’s network as an early incentive for trading NFTs over its platform. It will do so by implementing solutions from Gas Station Network (GSN), a network of relays that allows Hinata to help pay for gas so users aren’t stuck with 100% of the bill.

The NFT Revolution  Anime Collectibles

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are revolutionizing the way super fans can participate in anime culture and expand their collections. An NFT is a kind of crypto token that is unique, irreplaceable, and 100% verified as genuine due to the fact it exists on a blockchain, one of the most secure technologies today.

NFTs can also be coded to represent an image or video, which makes them something like a work of art that is its own certificate of authenticity. This marriage of art and technology makes NFTs an amazing option for fans looking to own a piece of their favorite hobby outright, and it seems natural that the world of anime collectibles would eventually find its way to NFTs.

Hinata is making serious headway to make this connection a reality.