The Game Changer: Real Estate Investment for Everyone

Place/Date: Hong Kong – November 15th, 2021 at 11:26 am UTC · 3 min read
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LABS Group is delighted to announce that their own crowdfunding platform is launched, whose mission is to make real estate backed projects investment available for everyone with an initial capital of just 100 USDT, taking advantage of the blockchain solution.

LABS Crowdfunding platform is a place that brings real estate investment opportunities to everyone at an affordable price. How? In the LABS Crowdfunding platform, real estate developers and hospitality business owners can contact us and post their real estate-backed projects along with property details, progress updates, and potential returns. Then other investors can invest in these projects. Since the projects are getting funded by a large number of people at once, this reduces the amount of money that each investor has to put in.

With the help of blockchain technology, this business model is easier, safer and more transparent for investors to put their money in real estate, which requires a considerable amount of capital to enter. Also, thanks to the distributed ledger, people from around the world, regardless of their geographical conditions, can contribute to a project. Not only that but because smart contracts are transparent, so participants in a campaign can be sure that their rewards will be distributed. In addition, individuals can divide their money to invest in several real estate projects, further diversifying their Crypto investment portfolios with a more secure asset and reducing risks.

LABS Group is, undoubtedly, a pioneer in tokenizing the real estate market by cutting out the middlemen costs and utilizing smart contracts.

Yuen Wong, CEO of LABS said:

“As we all know, a diversified investment portfolio is the first step of wealth accumulation. By utilizing blockchain technology, resort and hotel investment becomes available for everyone and it is even safer and more transparent compared to the traditional way. We cannot overstate our pleasure to be able to provide the LABS Crowdfunding Platform to everyone.”

For now, investors may enjoy early privileges by staking project tokens and earn 2x project-backed rewards with LABS Superbooster. Interested parties can earn this in just 5 easy steps: Create an account, Complete security authentication, Connect to your wallet, Review project details, Invest. For more details, please see LABS Group’s YouTube Channel.

Meanwhile, LABS Group has recently announced a strategic partnership with Arena eSports Hotel and the upcoming project is confirmed to be located at Bugis, Singapore. It is the biggest eSports hotel in Southeast Asia and the world’s first hotel with VR concepts, located in the promising business district. Great development opportunities can be expected.

Another notable project is the Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort, which is the first NFT Resort located in Banyuwangi, Indonesia. It allows easy travel to the closest attractions like Jagir Waterfall and Ijen Crater Blue Volcano that is only an hour drive away.

More opportunities are coming. A LABS-powered project that will include GameFi, eSports and Metaverse and SocialFi elements is expected to be announced. Please stay tuned.

About LABS Group

LABS Group is a digital investment platform that provides access to fractionalized property ownership and enables the continuous trading of real estate assets-backed tokenized shares on a regulated security exchange. Its platform uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure complete transparency over a borderless ecosystem.

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