BitFuFu Debuts at World Digital Mining Summit 2021

On November 9, 2021, Bitmain hosted the 2021 iteration of its World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS 2021) in Dubai.


The recipient of Bitmain’s strategic investment, cloud hash rate platform BitFuFu presented its development direction, business model, and environmental protection concepts at the event, and later brought the conference to a dramatic climax by offering a massive prize of $400,000.

An annual affair centered on industry directionWDMS is the top annual event in the cryptocurrency mining industry, which aims to establish an international platform for the integration of the entire industry chain that features:

  • mine construction
  • green energy development
  • high-tech docking
  • latest product displays
  • procurement exchanges
  • trade negotiations

WDMS’ organizer, Bitmain, is the world’s largest producer of encrypted mining machines, with a market share of over 60%.

WDMS has been already held twice, with attendance from Genesis Mining CEO Marco Streng, CEO Stefan Rust, Block One CEO Bijan Alizadeh, and other industry leaders. The conference was unprecedented, with as many as 30 sponsors, including well-known platforms in mining pools and exchanges, such as Phoenix, BitRiver, Compass

Mining, Starbase, and Industry authoritative media such as Cointelegraph provided full coverage of the event and WDMS 2021 very quickly became the focus of the cryptocurrency mining and even the blockchain industries, and the event’s developments became trending topics.

400,000 USD prize draw the conference highlight

As a cloud hash rate cooperation platform to receive strategic investment by Bitmain, BitFuFu demonstrated the platform’s development direction, business model, and environmental protection concepts for WDMS’ many guests. BitFuFu is committed to lowering the mining threshold for its users, and with its professional hash rate cutting and efficient intelligent scheduling, BitFuFu cuts the overall hash rate of a single miner in units of T.

Purchasing at a minimum of 30T greatly reduces the entry deposit requirement for users. Users only need to
purchase a package and sit back and reap the benefits as BitFuFu’s professional team handles the operation and maintenance of the mining rigs.
But it was BitFuFu’s unprecedented huge lottery draw that became one of the conference’s focal points. Prior to WDMS, BitFuFu’s had already garnered the attention of guests with its lavish awards valued at over $400,000. Over 500 winners scored prizes that included free cloud hash rate packages and hash rate deduction coupons.
On the day of the event, the lottery that everyone eagerly anticipated came as scheduled, and a frenetic 10 minutes ensued. The lucky prize was announced first, raising anticipation, in the venue. Endless discussion followed the revealing of the second and third prizes.

The announcement of the first prize brought the enthusiastic atmosphere to its peak and astonished the attendees. BitFuFu’s biggest lottery in history has left everyone in excitement.

It is worth mentioning that the annualized output history of BitFuFu’s products can reach as high as 36% – that is, at the completion of the package, the actual income of the winner will far exceed the reward value. In addition, the hash rate deduction coupon can be used directly as a hash rate fee, worth monetary value.

Premium benefits thanks to rich resources

BitFuFu’s cloud hash rate package is able to maintain an excellent output history thanks to its world-leading miner resources, and the cloud hash rate package utilizes flagship models, such as the Ant S19 Pro. In addition, BitFuFu can also rely on its scale advantages to provide its users with ultra-low electricity prices attainable only by large mining farms, and electricity fees are an important cost of mining.

Moreover, BitFuFu’s rich miner resources benefit from the strong support of mining giant Bitmain. On February 22, 2021, BitFuFu and Bitmain reached a strategic partnership and have engaged in in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as mining rigs. On April 7 of the same year, BitFuFu received a strategic investment from Bitmain, further improving its funds and resources.

Thanks to the investment, BitFuFu has developed rapidly, with co- mining, accelerated cost recovery, and 8 major language sites launched consecutively and quickly achieving the global layout of its mines. The BitFuFu app has also been launched and is available via Google Play and App Store.

BitFufu has developed rapidly – currently, it has reached a hash rate supply partnership with several mining farms in the United States, Kazakhstan, Russia, and other countries and regions. The number of managed mining machines has reached hundreds of thousands and the mine load has exceeded 500MW. There are now users from over 200 countries and regions around the world. BitFuFu will continue to expand its mines worldwide, promote a global strategic layout, and continue to innovate to enrich its product matrix.

For more information visit the official website, Telegram group, Twitter.


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