Caduceus, The Notable Metaverse Public Chain, Announced That It Will Launch Testnet Soon

Place/Date: – November 16th, 2021 at 10:44 am UTC · 4 min read
Source: Caduceus

In recent months, the metaverse concept has been on trend, and many high-quality metaverse concept projects have been born in the blockchain field. Among them, the most notable metaverse public chain, Caduceus, announced on 12th November that it will launch a testnet in the near future. Said by the Caduceus team.

The Metaverse is a virtual world that is parallel to the real world and interacts with the real world. However, the Metaverse is still a long way from maturity. It is mainly because most of the projects that currently running within the Metaverse space are still in the so called technology-accumulation-period. This includes gaming immersion, stability improvement, and due to the limitations of interactive technologies such as AR/VR/full-body tracking/full-body sensing. The integration is so limited cross all platform and technology is not strong enough to support a huge online user group. The terminal computing power also requires improvement. In addition to technical limitation we are facing, the infrastructure is also imperfect. The shortfall of cross boarder technology infrastructure communication shackles the development of the meta universe.  In summary, the current Metaverse progression is largely depending on the technology development, both software and hardware.

The Caduceus team hopes to redesign a public chain that is friendly to the creators, developers, and millions of metaverse enthusiasts around the world. The Caduceus team is composed of excellent researchers and experienced engineers. We have worked together in the blockchain field for many years, so we are able to define a new solution for the blockchain architecture. The Caduceus team believes that blockchain technology will profoundly change almost every field. In the exploration of Metaverse, we started from the infrastructure and created a new infrastructure platform with high performance, high credibility, and high security – Caduceus is designed for Metaverse and the decentralized digital world. Caduceus Metaverse Protocol to provide the Metaverse with many necessary infrastructures, including:

  •   Providing the metaverse with fund security, NFT asset security, user privacy security, trusted transactions, automatic settlement, Token ecological incentives, DAO user autonomy through a high-speed, scalable blockchain network.
  •   Caduceus provides decentralized cloud computing support for the metaverse through a massive distributed IPFS storage/GPU cloud rendering/SWAN custom network.
  •   Caduceus provides the metaverse with a blossoming device ecology through the advanced XR Glass open-source hardware solution, lowering the hardware threshold and increasing device penetration.
  •   It seamlessly connects blockchain with UE and U3D engines through SDK and art standards, providing interfaces and tools for NFT art creators and application developers of the metaverse.
  •   It will enhance user experience and lower user threshold through a 3D OS UI system, providing a user interaction portal for the metaverse.
  •   Through User Identity Infrastructure Module, it transmit the user engaging experience from traditional web base user to the blockchain world. It also provides everyone with a secure, highly privacy User-Identification System to be able to enjoy new social media, chatting, online shopping and gaming.

Caduceus is specifically designed for participants in the Metaverse. It helps minimize the obstacles to adopting new technologies. This also makes Caduceus more friendly to developers. Caduceus will do its best to enable Metaverse developers to achieve the goal of unlimited innovation with our most cutting-edge Metaverse applications.

Studies have shown that the average person in the UK spends 34 years watching screens (including televisions, computers, mobile phones, etc.), while the figure in the United States is 44 years. Clearly, life in the virtual world has become a large part of our day to day life. Users can use their virtual identities to interact, trade, entertain, and so many other activities in the virtual world. However, because the current virtual reality technology is still in its growth stage, the immersion and whole-body interaction are not strong enough. In the core development of the Metaverse, virtual reality technology plays a key part. It will assist reducing the confusion between virtual and reality. Caduceus will take advantage of XR’s technology to bring an elite Metaverse experience to our users. The ultimate immersive experience will enable users to complete various social and spiritual activities, such as social interaction, entertainment, creation, display, education, and business trading.

In Caduceus’ vision, the Metaverse is the boundary of the Internet and the second life of mankind. It provides us with a new platform, a new identity, a new personality, and a new outlook. The blockchain and digital assets give real value to Metaverse. The development of Metaverse proves that human civilization can exist in the virtual world, which in turn demonstrates the development trend of human civilization.

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Caduceus’s Testnet will be launched soon. At that time, you can personally participate in the Caduceus’s Testnet and win exclusive rewards through the subsequent tasks released by Caduceus.