Cat-Based Coins Skyrocket, Leaving Dogs Behind

Altcoin News

  • Cat memes are now on the surge.
  • Catecoin ranks one of the top ten crypto assets in Coingecko.

Dogs have dominated the crypto space for quite some time. Nowadays, the known close enemy or sometimes friend of dogs — cats, are now on the rise.

In detail, cat meme tokens have successfully entered the top ten meme token rankings in CoinGecko. CateCoin (CATE) is the meme coin that successfully outranks some dog crypto in the market.

In the past days, CATE recorded a trading price as high as $0.00001176 with a growth rate of almost +400% in the past 30 days. In addition, the crypto was able to gather as much as over $170 million in less than one year. Indeed, this achievement made by the crypto catches the attention of investors around the world.

Furthermore, the CATE network also encourages its users to increase their funds by letting the tokens stay on their crypto wallets. In addition, users of the CATE tokens can earn as much as 15% APY whenever they stake their tokens on the Catecoin Dapp.

On the other hand, meme crypto has already been a notable part of the crypto space and some of them are flying high right now. The DOGE and SHIB tokens are very good examples of meme coins that are so popular that they even attracted the attention of Elon Musk, the CEO of TESLA and a Bitcoin enthusiast.