MoonX — The All-in-One Platform for Crypto Investments

  • MoonX shares its plans for expansion and transformation.
  • The team at MoonX said they want to develop a new crypto asset and ecosystem.
  • MoonX notes this would be a safe haven for both experienced and non-experienced crypto investors

MoonX shares that the team behind the innovative project is currently developing a new ecosystem that interacts with its deflationary cryptocurrency and will provide a safe haven for investors. More than just a tradable token on the Binance Smart Chain, MoonX is developing products that help investors, developers, and newcomers into the crypto space.

Their upcoming solution, Market Ledger, is designed to provide an all-in-one platform for cryptocurrency investments. Within Market Ledger, MoonX will offer a comprehensive cross-chain monitoring dashboard. Whether you’re on the AVAX, MATIC, ONE, ETH, or BSC networks, you’ll simply be able to connect your wallet and see all of your investments in one place. Traditionally, users had to chart-watch across multiple websites (SushiSwap, Dextools, PooCoin, TradingView, and others).

Taking their platform a step further, MoonX also will incorporate news updates and other relevant information on their assets to empower investors with all the information they need to successfully manage their portfolio.

While watching market indicators, token news, and prices are important, another core tenet of investing is identifying SAFU projects to buy into. With rug pulls left and right including the recent Squid heist, some buyers find it hard to trust new projects without a proven track record and months of history. To ease investor concerns and provide security, MoonX will be hosting a launchpad for KYC-verified developers along with cash deposits ensuring there are available funds that can serve as a recovery pool for investors. This platform will have innovative features that will ensure the safety and security of people’s investments.

To complete the MoonX ecosystem, the team will also be introducing a reliable escrow service for service providers and project owners. While developers are known to rug investor funds, there are also many service providers that take upfront payments and abandon the client without producing any of the promised deliverables. On the flip side, many providers agree to payment after delivery and are sometimes left empty-handed as well. MoonX’s proposed solution ensures everyone gets fair treatment in any dealings, especially given that most people operate anonymously.

MoonX’s native currency made its first debut around a month ago with a starting market cap of roughly $250K. Recently, the token’s price peaked above $4M, a 1600% ROI for any holders at launch. A recent accomplishment for the MoonX team has been their NFT collection launch in collaboration with BurningMoon, which is designed to provide passive income for holders too. Having introduced this so soon after its token launch, we see how persistent the MoonX team has been in building more assets across the blockchain while also leveraging partnerships to further expand the MoonX brand. Another major milestone for MoonX has been its CEX listing with LBank. Considering all the momentum and progress to-date, there seems to be a huge opportunity ahead for the project.