The Next Rush: The Future of NFT Real Estate & Metaverse Properties

  • NFTs and Metaverse has now dominated the Real Estate and Luxury Car sector.
  • Futurent introduces Fractional NFTS, allowing investors to purchase part of a property.

The inevitability of the modern world moving towards a digital space has helped digital assets such as NFTs go mainstream. As people come to realize that NFTs hold a vast reserve of potential in opening up new economic opportunities, more and more industries are implementing a digital asset-powered model.

The Real Estate landscape has also seen a vast interest in NFTs as it helps to increase the utility of the market and promote global trade. Moreover, NFTs enable fractal ownership of Real Estate & Metaverse properties as expertly demonstrated by the new up-and-coming NFT project, Futurent. It is a blockchain-based rental and trading platform designed for the Real estate and Luxury Car industry.

Futurent is a next-level trading and investment platform that is built on blockchain to empower investors and collectors all over the world. It has taken a unique approach to the NFT Real Estate industry by introducing Fractional NFTs that allow investors to own a part of the property. 

Futurent has started the Real Estate and Luxury Car industry with a metaverse approach in mind. The ecosystem is powered by robust DeFi protocols that enable Fractional NFT Ownership rights of real-world assets in the easiest way possible with the added benefits of secure liquidity funds and instant revenue share.

The project is backed by a robust team with over 30 years of collective experience in the blockchain and Real Estate industry. Futurent, with the help of its Fractional NFT protocol, has developed a new source of passive income for NFT owners.

Powered by solutions such as Safe & Secure Investing, Passive Income via Rentals, Strong DeFi privacy, and Backed Liquidity Assets, Futurent has charted a rewarding road to the future. Starting with the launch of Futurent on Polygon, the project has several products and features planned.

Pertaining to the launch in Q4 2021, Futurent will assemble its team, pre-launch marketing, release incubation services, and test net launch with several partnerships to strengthen the ecosystem. The Q1, 2022 will be focused on completing fundraise, major marketing campaigns, launch on Polygon network, Triple IDO launch, IEO listing, and staking & rewards program. 

Futurent has ensured a successful and sustainable future for the platform by tackling a potential-rich industry with its unique service of Fractional Ownership.

Moreover, Futurent also offers NFT Lottery Events where users can win prizes such as a Lamborghini or a Trip to Dubai.