Top 5 Facts About Ponyo

The Ponyo-Inu ecosystem has been meticulously designed to ensure the long-term growth of the Ponyo token and project.

So there has been quite some buzz all over the internet about a new coin with so much potential and prospects. Many have been talking about the coin that could well be the next SHIBA INU token.  We decided to do some research and were impressed, to say the least at what was found. Let us introduce you all to “Ponyo-Inu“, an anime-inspired meme coin.

From our research, we have been able to draw out 5 facts about the token. Let’s get started then.

First Anime-Inspired Auto-impact Investing Token

Ponyo-Inu is the very first anime-inspired auto-impact investing token. It is an ethereum based ERC-20 token, with a total supply volume of only one billion (1,000,000,000) tokens. Presently, the coin can be purchased only on Uniswap.

All About AJ Inspiring Story

The story behind the Ponyo-Inu token stems from a 2008 feature-length animation video called “Ponyo” produced by the brilliant and creative Studio Ghibli in Japan, written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and greatly loved by both children and adults. The movie “Ponyo” resembles a medley of ancient mythologies and is animated with beautiful attention to detail that shows reverent regard for the aquatic world- one Ponyo-Inu also shares.

Community-based and Philanthropic

Ponyo-Inu is a community-based token focused primarily on philanthropy. The theme of the project leverages the positive power of a meme and the fact that with it, you can do something impactful and significant. With that in mind, this project adopted an approach called auto-impact investing. This approach allows investors to actively donate to great charitable causes while also allowing them to participate in initiatives that they believe will provide them with a profit.

Just as stated on its website, “Ponyo-Inu provides an alternative to conventional charitable donations through auto-impact investing, allowing investors to both actively contribute to a worthy charitable cause, while also potentially witnessing positive financial return.”

With a heavy emphasis on the aquatic world (oceans), Ponyo shares its love for the sea by indulging in philanthropic activities to make sure ” the ocean stays magical and inspiring for everybody”. Currently, Ponyo-Inu is collaborating with the Coral Restoration Foundation to help protect the aquatic lives by way of auto-investing which allows token speculation to have a direct monetary impact on causes that genuinely brings about transformation. In this way, every transaction done sends donations directly to the Coral Restoration Foundation crypto wallet while also aiding in the circulation of the token. Presently, over $350,000 has been donated to Coral Restoration Foundation to support its cause.

Built for Longevity

The Ponyo-Inu ecosystem has been meticulously designed to ensure the long-term growth of the Ponyo token and project. Well, according to Ponyo’s website:

  • 5% of every transaction goes to marketing, which will be used to create adequate awareness and exposure on the coin.
  • 3% of every transaction goes to the Coral Restoration Foundation to support its transformative cause, thereby making a difference.
  • 2% of every transaction goes to liquidity, which will constantly cause the price floor to rise, allowing holders to keep making more money from it.
  • 1% of every transaction goes to REFLECTIONS, which means investors can earn more money passively by just having the tokens.

Unique Gaming Experience

Armed with the concept of gaming in cryptocurrency, Ponyo-Inu will be releasing a fully-fledged, blockchain-integrated play-to-earn game called SWIM SWIM. The game dynamics will revolve around scooping up sea gems and earning Ponyo-Inu’s secondary token $PEARL. It has been estimated that the game will be released exclusively on mobile with an estimated delivery time for game delivery to occur soon. More on this can be found in their Telegram group.


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