Verasity and Axie Infinity Announce Collaboration in the Upcoming FTX GalAxie Cup

The blockchain-powered AdTech company Verasity has announced a new partnership with the popular crypto game Axie Infinity. According to a press release, the partnership provides Verasity with the exclusive streaming rights of the upcoming FTX GalAxie Cup professional esports tournament. The tournament will be broadcast exclusively on and, with both platforms using Verasity’s VeraPlayer. It is set to kick off on November 27 at 13:00 GMT (+8) and will run until November 28.

Verasity is a company best known for its patented Proof of View technology and its Watch & Earn esports platform VeraEsports (formerly Esports Fight Club). The company has previously stated to be on a mission to eliminate fraud in the online ad and NFT spaces. Since its launch in 2019, VeraEsports has announced multiple exclusive partnerships with reputable esports companies and has broadcasted tournaments for titles such as PUBG Mobile and Valorant Challengers.

The FTX GalAxie Cup Tournament

The FTX GalAxie tournament is sponsored by the FTX crypto exchange in partnership with several gaming companies. It marks Axie Infinity’s debut in the professional gaming industry.

Registration for the tournament ran from October 25 to November 14, with interested players registering in teams of 3. Teams should be ready for the Picks and Bans session to compete with the required 9 Axies according to their preferences. To advance to the next stage of the tournament, a team must first eliminate 3 units in the lineup to advance.

The parties involved in the FTX GalAxie Cup tournament have allocated a total prize pool of 5000 AXS. The winners of the Influencer and Pro Tournaments will receive 40 AXS and 105 AXS respectively.

According to Andrew Campbell, Program Lead of Esports and Content Creators at Axie Infinity, this tournament marks just the beginning of Axie Infinity’s push into competitive gaming.

Campbell said,

Tournament organizers around the world have been hosting amazing community events that continue to bring out the best in our community. As our community further pushes the envelope, we will be furthering our investments in building out infrastructure to support Axie Esports.

Verasity’s Contribution

To enhance both viewer and engagement rates, Verasity has announced to leverage its VeraPlayer technology for all broadcasts of the event. This enables all viewers to earn points that can be redeemed for various items in the VeraEsports Rewards Store, such as gift cards and digital gaming items. Additionally, the rewards will include $VRA, custom Axie Infinity NFTs (AXIES), and other exclusive items.

As per Verasity’s CEO RJ Mark, the event provides an opportunity to demonstrate the utility and effectiveness of the brand’s Proof of View technology, as well as the benefits of blockchain collaborations of this kind.

RJ Mark said,

We are excited to showcase our VeraPlayer for the FTX GalAxie Cup 2021. During this event, real-time third-party data will be fed into Verasity’s patented Proof of View system. Aside from showcasing our technology, we believe that cross-collaboration of blockchain projects will be beneficial to all parties involved and we are excited for this opportunity and what may come in the future.