ABEY — Winner of Blockchain Solution of the Year at AIBC Europe 2021 Award

ABEY has been selected as the winner of the Blockchain Solution of the Year award at the 5th AIBC Europe Award 2021 that took place in Malta on November 16th, 2021. This is a noteworthy feat by ABEY and its blockchain, ABEYCHAIN.

Moreover, ABEYCHAIN is an ever-growing blockchain solution in the world. In addition, the results of the award were generated from the combination of public voting on the AIBC Summit website and expert judges with deep knowledge of blockchain technology, usage, and the global developer community.

ABEY Foundation Co-Founder and Director Philipp Sauerborn said,

“This victory is a significant milestone for our developers and the thousands of users who make up the ABEY ecosystem…This prestigious recognition is the result of countless hours of hard work from our ABEY team and the developers running their apps on our blockchain. We are committed to growing the ABEY ecosystem in order to bring our users the best solution that we possibly can. We are so grateful AIBC and its expert panel of judges has noticed our passion and excellence.”

Added to this, AIBC’s owner and SiGMA group founder Eman Pulis also congratulated ABEY for being awarded. Moreover, the AIBC is a pillar of excellence for the global blockchain community, and they are proud to give this prestigious award to the ABEY Foundation.

“Congratulations to ABEY for being awarded the AIBC Europe 2021 Blockchain Solution of the Year. AIBC is an intersection for excellence in the international blockchain community and we are thrilled to award this prestigious accolade to the ABEY Foundation. Your award was majority based on our expert judging panel’s evaluation, as well as a smaller component of public voting. Every developer running their dApps on ABEYCHAIN, every user of ABEY’s XSwap.com DEX, every holder of ABEY cryptocurrency should feel proud of your achievement.”

More so, the award was majorly based on the expert judging panel’s evaluation, and also a smaller component of public voting. ABEYCHAIN users, developers, users of its XSwap.com DEX, and holders of ABEY cryptocurrency should feel proud of their achievements. AIBC Europe states on its website that the award ‘rewards leading players within the Emerging Tech sector.’

A panel of AIBC expert judges categorized Blockchain Solution of the Year as follows:

Blockchain technology has developed tremendously from a tentative niche to a fully-functioning industry in little more than a decade. Even more, the tremendous potential for reshaping how businesses transact in the global economy has been a game-changer.

Furthermore, ABEY has been nominated for DeFi Project of the Year and they also sponsored the ‘Crypto Influencer of the Year’ award.

Quick Recap of ABEYCHAIN

ABEYCHAIN will add an average of 10K active addresses to ABEYCHAIN every month from August 2021. With more than 140,000 users, ABEYCHAIN offers developers a way to leverage smart contracts and build robust Decentralized Applications (dApps).

Since ABEY added powerful new features to its blockchain technology in May of 2021, its momentum has continued.  In November 2021, ABEY launched XSwap, a fully decentralized crypto exchange built around ABEYCHAIN. Trading, liquidity mining, and staking will soon be available to users. Within the first week of XSwap’s existence, the exchange exceeded $60 million in total value locked.

The ABEY token was listed on Liquid Global in September 2021. Liquid Global is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, the second DEX to offer ABEY trading. ABEY’s development has made it a viable alternative to the popular, but expensive, and less efficient Ethereum network.