AEX Exchange Anniversary Bash Week, First Place Wins 1 BTC

AEX announced that during their 8th anniversary, they will hold the second Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament giving thanks to new and old users with rewards such as BTC, USDT, and GAT. With the theme of “Play Texas Hold’em with no deposit and win a BTC prize”.


In the game interaction, users do not need any top-up and other additional expenses, just put in the competition, when the end of the points ranking the highest will win 1 BTC value of the prize.

AEX is a long-established exchange founded in 2013, advocating “safe investment and sound appreciation”. Over the past 8 years, millions of users have converged on the AEX platform to exchange digital assets in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.


Currently, AEX has fiat currency trading, spot trading, contract trading, lending, finance, DeFi mining, staking, and other business models for users to participate in.

Over the past 8 years, AEX has gone through the cryptocurrency industry cycle almost in its entirety and has led the industry winds many times. Through various changes such as bear-bull shifts and policy changes, AEX has always been able to maintain its competitive advantage in trading, finance, DeFi, mining, and other areas, and has continued to solidify its position in the first tier of exchanges.

AEX is the first of its kind in information flow and asset flow aggregation exchanges, effectively driving the rapid popularity of cryptocurrency assets

In 2013, the cryptocurrency field was in a brutal period and users did not know enough about cryptocurrency assets. AEX seized the information market demand and decisively cut through the media, allowing cryptocurrency enthusiasts to have a discussion space for their minds to collide and get to know cryptocurrencies while also being able to participate in trading instantly.

AEX is a value cryptocurrency discoverer, successfully driving exchanges to upgrade their trading operations 

In 2013, when the mainstream consensus only recognized Bitcoin, AEX was the first to introduce DOGE, XRP, BTS, XEM, XLM, ARDR, and other cryptocurrencies, breaking the tradition that exchanges could only trade BTC, and unlocking the price potential of many cryptocurrencies.

AEX is the pioneer of platform coin, which connects the exchange ecological value interchange

In 2017, it launched the industry’s first platform coin, TMC, and created the first transaction mining and dividend destruction mechanism, achieving the legend of the first 1,000 times platform coin in cryptocurrency history. Nowadays, platform coin has become an important carrier of exchange ecological value transmission and one of the core areas of keen investment for users.

AEX is the innovator of the financial model, enriching the income scenario for users

In 2020, proposed ILO (Initial Lock Offerings) financial model, token can be accurately allocated to various cryptocurrency asset communities, quickly enhance the user level and brand awareness of new projects; first Defi machine gun pool business, established a one-click participation Defi model, total assets under management exceeded 80 billion USDT within one year.

The total assets under management exceeded 80 billion USDT within one year; developed ASwap, a multi-chain cross-mining model, which allows users to participate in the mining of assets among various chains to gain revenue without cross-chain.

In 2021, AEX has elevated internationalization to a strategic level. The layout of ecological segments such as AEX international financial license, AEX international community, AEX institute, AEX global residency, AEX fiat channel, etc. is enabling more users to enjoy safe, open, efficient, and convenient digital asset derivatives services.

With the 8th anniversary celebrated universally, AEX seeks to provide more users with the opportunity to gain access to mainstream cryptocurrency assets for free. All users will automatically receive 3,000 points in chips and will be able to enter the game once the Texas Hold’em game opens on the 15th. At the end of the day, those with the highest ranking points, those with more games, and those with more than the original points will be rewarded with different levels of value.

The final revenue of game players consists of three parts: points exchange, ranking rewards, and prize pool rewards. Game points can be exchanged into AEX Exchange eco-pass GAT in proportion (100:1); the top 300 users in the ranking can get different amounts of BTC or USDT; users who play more than 3 games a day and more than 20 games in total can get the prize pool award.

Texas Hold’em, is simple and exciting to play, with multiple rounds of predicted card combinations, giving both the lucky and the wise a chance to win. The tournament will start on November 5, and the ranking rewards alone will be worth 1BTC + 46,000 USDT, so users around the world are welcome to participate in it at AEX.

Activity time: November 16, 12:00 – November 22, 23:00 (UTC).

Visit the event website.


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