Atari’s Breakout Into the Fiat World – Introducing the Atri Token

To maintain stability in volatile markets and to turn gaming into a lucrative sector can be a challenge today.


Atari Chain and its token ATRI are weaving magic in the interactive entertainment industry. Unlike most cryptocurrencies, the Atari token piques itself to be a token of universal utility that is growing a network of use cases. 

The gaming industry is crippling with a lack of incentives to lure its end users. Likewise, most cryptocurrencies boast negligible inherent value to aim for universal use. Solving these two concerns in one go is the Atari token. With a market cap of nearly $155 Million, the ATRI token is leaping towards being the cryptocurrency of reference for the global gaming industry.  


ATRI’s value-driven by its growing utility in the gaming industry

The ATRI token plays a vital role in monetarily empowering the gaming industry as it acts as the industry’s native medium of exchange. All the in-game resources earned and won by gamers can be tokenized and traded using the ATRI token.

This does incentivize not only the digital assets but also the time and efforts invested in the games. 

With smart contracts that self-execute tasks, Atari is streamlining the way the gaming industry works even more. Outsourcing and decentralization is crucial process in game development and can be very time-consuming.  By using Atari’s smart contracts, tasks such as testing and translation can be managed more efficiently.

Atari’s blockchain ecosystem is expanding into a growing metaverse and casino. As a result, the Atari token serves as the fulcrum around which the ecosystem revolves. From in-game purchases to merchandising, a plethora of financial opportunities arises out of Atari’s token. Not only offering financial opportunities but the Atari Chain also offers membership, superuser privileges, and fee savings to make the token use more profitable.

Currently, Atari Chain is working towards integrating its token into all the entertainment platforms. By utilizing the Atari token, it is inevitable that the token’s utility and value will increase.

The ATRI token 101

In pursuing a permissionless transfer of value between gamers and gaming platforms, the $ATRI Token is a wholesome solution. Atari Chain has capped the supply of its token at 7.7 Billion and currently enjoys a $155 Million market cap. Atari Chain has achieved all the success factors of organic growth in less than one year since it was announced to be public. 

At the time of writing, 1 Billion Atari tokens were in circulation, with nearly a daily trading volume of one million USD. The trading volume, in contrast with the circulating supply, indicates strong liquidity for the token. Also, the $ATRI token is available on several major exchanges like PancakeSwap (V2), ( Exchange), BitForex, Hotbit, and ProBit Global, reflecting the token’s ease of access. Moreover, Atari Chain’s own decentralized exchange facilitates easy swapping tokens.

Atari Chain has applied token burn and buyback economic policy to track critical metrics regarding the token’s demand and supply. Also, there exists a deflationary policy for the token, which shall further drive the demand for the token as the gaming industry matures.

Future of Atari coincides with the future of gaming

Currently, the interactive entertainment industry needs an impetus to retain its core users and turn gaming into a profitable sector for all. Exactly what Atari Chain is working towards using blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies. By providing monetization opportunities for both video game publishers and users, Atari is the key to a financially inclusive future of the industry.

This coincides with the potential of the ATRI Token. With more gamers willing to monetize their game time and efforts, the demand for the $ATRI token is bound to skyrocket. With Atari’s deflationary policy in place, there is no better time to invest in $ATRI than now. Given Atari Chain’s vision to transition into a DAO structure, the governance value attached to $ATRI is a lucrative proposition. 

The influx of people into the cryptocurrency market aligns with the increase in the gaming population. This provides Atari with an ideal window of opportunity to dive in and fulfill its vision of being the token of reference in the interactive entertainment industry. 

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