Blockchain Boys Club Launching an NFT Project Serving Crypto Community

There’s no doubt that Blockchain technology is the most significant innovation of the last decade. It has impacted all the critical sectors of the economy, from education to fintech and manufacturing. But NFTs is the latest cryptocurrency trend to go mainstream, with each targeting to address a specific problem.

Since Christie’s auction house sold the first-ever NFT artwork for a whopping $69.3 million, Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs as we prefer to call them, got the world’s attention. NFTs transform digital works, especially art and other collectibles, into noninterchangeable verifiable assets that you can quickly trade on the blockchain.

All eyes are on Blockchain Boys Club – a Delaware-based startup – as it launches BCBoys, an NFT collection featuring 5,555 unique art pieces created on Ethereum blockchain! BCBoys NFT, the company says, will ensure that the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a thing of the past in the industry.

Thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe are working day and night, hatching ideas to explore the revolutionary blockchain technology to improve services, while those already inside look to diversify their crypto holdings. These have contributed to emerging blockchain development trends, yet it’s not easy to get wind of everything.

The continuous growth has created a need to unite the community under one platform where stakeholders can meet, discuss, collaborate, and share ideas. Something sort of a members club; that’s the Blockchain Boys Club.

Blockchain Boys Club seeks to give stakeholders total control. Its BCBoys NFT project hopes to be a one-stop information center for cryptocurrency traders, investors, developers, and NFT collectors. Consequently, it has pieced together the industry’s fragmented pieces to make it whole, and now it is sending it out there for adoption. So mark your calendar; the date is November 20th, 2021, at 5 p.m.

How BCBoys NFT works

The blockchain industry has democratized development and investment. It presents investors, developers, and tech enthusiasts with a golden opportunity. All they need is to keep up with the new trends, which have been a problem in the past. However, keeping up has been no easy feat with projects, partnerships, and protocol updates happening daily.

But now, with a single reliable channel for everything crypto that Blockchain Boys Club is bringing on board, things are likely to change for the better.

The BCBoys NFT is a unique collection of 5,555 NFTs created using 243 rare attributes on the Ethereum blockchain. They go at 0.065 ETH apiece. However, each digital avatar incorporates 243 special features. For example, once you buy an artwork, it confers you complete commercial ownership, making you a BCBoys holder and giving you access to a members-only area of the community called the “The Terminal!”

It’s at the “Terminal” area where NFT collectors, professional traders and investors, and other stakeholders share real-time trading signals and investment opportunities. So, if it works as expected, once you get here, you’ll have the opportunities to run away with new ideas, ultimately putting you in an advantaged position.

BCBoys Club Membership Benefits

Forgive its masculine name; Blockchain Boys Club is an all-gender platform. Its founders say it helps its members keep up with crypto industry news and collaborate between stakeholders, bridging the existing gap between community members.

Already, the club has at least 8,000 registered members participating on its channel. In addition, through a partnership with Benzinga, the Blockchain Boys Club now has actionable real-time crypto trading insights.

The most obvious benefit of becoming a member of the Blockchain Boys Club is access to a network of like-minded people. You meet crypto traders, investors, developers, founders, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, enabling you to learn new developments.

Accessing the “The Terminal” area enables you to participate in the community messaging area. So, you get real-time trading signals and investment advice, arising investment opportunities, and new industry trends. The terminal enables the seamless exchange of information.

You don’t have to wait for the eventful day to own a BCBoys NFT. The company has reserved 2,000 slots for presale members. The presales will help it raise funds to complete the development of the “terminal” area.

On the other hand, it will set aside $50,000 it raises from the public NFT as a liquidation grant, $100,000 as a pooled investment, while the rest will develop the podcast and merchandise.

Once a member, you have a stake in the profits and revenues that stem from the community’s pool funds and access to the liquidation grant, exclusive merchandise, and exclusive podcast ownership.

The crypto industry has over 13000 cryptocurrencies, with each intending to solve some problem in the world. These solutions have continuously minted new crypto millionaires and billionaires, serving as crypto’s most incredible allure. They keep attracting more and more people to join the community. However, the problem is keeping tabs on each development or adopting innovation early.

Information is power, and if you have it at the right time, you have the advantage over others who do not. So if everything goes to plan, the fear of missing opportunities will be a thing of the past in the crypto world.

‘BCBoys’ NFT collection that drops on November 20th bridges the existing information gap. So, you’ll be able to get real-time signals and investment advice, arising investment opportunities, and new industry trends.