CoinMarketCap Shares Top 20 Most Viewed Metaverse Projects Last Week

  • CoinMarketCap Shares the top 20 most viewed metaverse tokens last week.
  • Radio Caca came first while Decentraland took the 2nd most viewed spot.
  • Others on the list are CEEK VR, Axie Infinity, Efinity Token, Wax, etc.

As the day is still young, CoinMarketCap shares the top 20 most viewed metaverse projects that spiked in user-based traction in the past week. Radio Caca was spotted first on the list while Decentraland took the 2nd most viewed spot based on the data shared.

According to CoinMarketCap, the report includes the number of unique visitors, page views, and other on-chain analytics attained by the projects in real-time. Following the tail of Decentraland is CryptoCars as the 3rd most viewed metaverse protocol since last week.

Going forward, Bloktopia came 4th with a staggering performance in terms of views while Star Atlas follows tightly on the 5th position today. Moreover, The Sandbox also drove many views, currently sitting in the 6th position. Despite how these metaverse projects did well in the recent week, they just geared up freshly with an impressive performance like never before.

Below is the list of the most viewed metaverse projects that people are seriously searching and viewing on the CoinMarketCap website.

Specifically, CoinMarketCap disclosed the news at the discretion of its Twitter page. The thread also asked the Twitter netizens to figure out whether their favorite Metaverse project was able to secure space among the list or not. With this, they should do nothing other than to let CoinMarketCap know if their most loved project was able to climb the metaverse leaderboard. Expanding further, this is a good moment and remarkable feat for the whole metaverse world as many other blockchain-based projects aim to revolutionize the digital space.