Functionality Of AIwork, The AI Networking Platform




In today’s day and age, two terms are synonymous with disruptive and game-changing technologies. They are blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Both technologies have different use cases and serve different industries. However, there is a growing consensus that, eventually, there will be a convergence between the two, with blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence working in tandem for multiple uses.

What is Blockchain Technology? 

To define it briefly, blockchain is an immutable, shared ledger that provides an immediate and transparent exchange of encrypted data to parties that initiate and complete transactions. The blockchain essentially keeps track of payments, transactions, transaction history, and other details.

Users can look at the history of all transactions on the blockchain, providing security through open access to this immutable record. Any record of value can be tracked or traded on the blockchain, reducing risk for all involved. 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial Intelligence uses data, computers, and machines to mirror the decision-making and problem-solving capabilities of humans. Artificial Intelligence also refers to machine learning, which utilizes AI to analyze data and make predictions. In this sense, AI also learns from the data provided to it to become smarter and more efficient in its problem solving and prediction capabilities. It has several benefits, such as improved decision-making and automating repetitive tasks. 

What is AIWORK, and What Problems Does it Solve? 

AIWORK focuses on the problems of the online video content space. It is an open-source and decentralized blockchain protocol built on a consensus network consisting of a large community of human experts and AI computing resources. This network provides high-quality metadata, content titles, and tags for online videos, addressing the current issues of inconsistent, unreliable, and poorly indexed metadata. These issues lead to inaccurate content discovery, hurting both creators and viewers. 




AIWORK is notable, as it combines human experts and AI computing resources to create normalized, enhanced, and consistent metadata at scale. The inclusion of human experts acts as a check, to make sure the AI sources are working properly and continue to learn from the right datasets, to make sure that the AIWORK network will only continue to become better and better.

AIWORK also allows developers to build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on AIWORK. And, participants who run AI nodes are rewarded with AIWORK tokens. 

The AIWORK Approach

AIWORK’s approach to the problem of online video content involves using its blockchain protocol, composed of both human experts and AI computing resources. As mentioned before, this helps generate enhanced, accurate, and consistent metadata that is verified by people, but can still be made at scale, by relying on computers. AIWORK is also creating a search engine dedicated to video content. 

While other search engines for videos exist, they all have several issues. On top of improving the discovery of the AIWORK search engine with better metadata, AIWORK is also looking to decentralize the online video space. Their decentralized video search engine will be managed by the community, giving control back to users relying on blockchain technology. The team at AIWORK believes that there is too much centralization on the Internet, creating imbalances in how information is shared and promoted. By decentralizing a search engine for videos, they can remove many traditional gate-keepers for the space and create a community-driven platform. 

How does AIWORK Function?

AIWORK will deploy specialized AI algorithms on AI nodes. GPU and CPU resources from these nodes will be used to scan the media files of videos to generate consistently, enhanced, and normalized metadata. Beyond simple metadata, AIWORK will also include translations, categories, classifications, transcripts, and time-coded tags. Since it’s an open network, anybody with the required computational resources can join the network and participate. 

Video objects will be assigned unique identifiers using the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR). This registry provides unique identifiers for the entire range of audiovisual object types. The metadata will be recorded by the nodes in JSON format and anchored to the Ethereum blockchain. However, the metadata will not be directly stored on the blockchain, but instead, linked to it through each video’s EIDR identifier. 

AIWORK’s ContentGraph 

Ratings for safety, for both viewers and advertisers, are increasingly important. AIWORK addresses this with their critical feature, ContentGraph. This content safety index will allow AIWORK to assign a confidence score after analyzing different safety attributes. 

The increase in both the quantity and consumption of online videos has made it difficult for platforms to review all of the content they host. This leads to several issues when it comes to safety and inappropriate content. AIWORK’s ContentGraph will flag videos as inappropriate, again relying on the combination of AI and human experts. ContentGraph can also provide scene-by-scene monitoring so that only specific scenes can receive a low-confidence rating. This scene-level detection and metadata will be used to define inappropriate scenes for children and advertisers.

Decentralizing the Online Video Space

AIWORK plans to decentralize the online video space through the following steps: 

  • AIWORK will utilize crowd-sourced computing resources, which would allow it to handle demand fluctuations while also mitigating the protocol’s environmental impact. 
  • AIWORK’s combined approach to verification allows the protocol to achieve optimum levels of functioning. AI increases the volume that can be analyzed, while human experts help the protocol overcome the shortcomings of AI. 
  • AIWORK’s normalization and standardization of metadata return better results for users’ queries. This also benefits online video platforms by making their content more easily discoverable. 

Closing Thoughts 

AIWORK is targeting multiple problems in the online video space through a unique approach. Their reliance on blockchain enables them to not only create a network of AI computational resources and human experts to create standardized metadata, but to make that network open and build a decentralized video search engine. And, by including the ContentGraph and a score on a scene-by-scene basis, advertisers and viewers can enter the network with greater confidence. Through this approach, AIWORK is tackling both discovery issues and the centralization in online videos.