Gather Cloud: Pulling Processing Power Under a Local Decentralized Network

Cloud computing has become an easy way for enterprises to establish a digital workspace without the need for excessive upfront costs or technical know-how. But the convenience of setting up shop on centralized platforms like Amazon Web Services comes at a cost for the companies involved, as well as their network of clients. 

Cloud computing outages on major platforms like AWS cost users hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute in lost productivity and revenue. Amazon’s most recent outage – which lasted a mere 13 minutes – is thought to have cost users over $2.6 million, or around $203,000 for every minute of downtime.

One way to circumvent the issues presented by centralized platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Fastly is to apply a decentralized framework which isn’t reliant on any one bank of servers or corporate entity.

Decentralized and Private on Gather Cloud

That’s the solution put forth by Gather Network, which localizes cloud computing in a decentralized manner by pulling all local computing resources into its cloud network. Gather Network’s cloud computing solution reroutes spare processing power from devices in a local environment – say, an office workspace – and applies it to the network at large.

The benefits of such a system are many-fold: first, a company can sidestep the capital expenditure costs of setting up a new private technical framework in a digital environment. Moreover, companies can now adopt and maintain a private cloud environment by utilizing their devices and hardware already at their disposal. 

This means companies can run a private cloud without incurring any costs beyond their normal operating expenses, while attaining the security and control that a reliable cloud computing service provides. As a result of using local processing power, network outages are no longer decided by the temperamental nature of centralized cloud services, but are instead tied to the normal operating procedures of a local working environment.

Enterprise administrators can make use of a separate login from company users, which grants them an overview of their private network, and allows them to see which computers are available for upcoming tasks. Admins can also view the processing capacity of their network at any given moment, allowing them to plan ahead and strategize future operations. A recent update of Gather Cloud involved the creation of file transfer service, which enables the transfer of large data files on the network without depending on external entities.

Ongoing Developments

Gather Network recently wrapped up the first round of testing on Gather Private Cloud Services. The next milestone will involve the implementation of a go-to-market strategy to launch services for enterprises, and enable monetization on Gather Cloud. 

Gather’s effort to localize processing power using a decentralized framework threatens to upend the status quo of cloud computing services, which for too long have been dependent on a small clique of big tech corporations.