Optimize your Digital Campaigns in Real-Time with Ojamu

A results-driven marketing strategy is crucial for any successful business and with the revolution of digital advertising, brands can now reach their audiences and market their services more effectively than ever before. Thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence, real-time data, and voice search optimization, marketing has reached a whole new level of potential.

Although once thought of as an ambitious or abstract concept, artificial intelligence has rapidly made its way into the mainstream. The cutting edge technology is now a top priority for business owners who want to be able to digitally optimize the way they market their products and pinpoint their customer’s needs.

For the marketing industry, not only can Ai enhance the efficiency of campaigns by analysing data in a much faster and more specific way than possible manually, it also minimises the traditional costs required for marketing staff. This is the driving force behind Ojamu, a Singapore-based startup revolutionising the digital marketing industry by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Ojamu sources consumer data from various blockchains and, using Ai technology, extract the most valuable insights and then automates marketing campaigns based on a highly customized strategy.

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points and differentiators for Ojamu is its ability to collect real-time data. This is data that is relayed as it is acquired—like a GPS system that provides drivers with live updates happening in their immediate vicinity. Instead of being able to track where your Uber driver is, though, Ojamu’s data is fed directly into optimizing brands’ marketing strategy and digital outputs.

Powered by proprietary algorithms, Ojamu’s data analysis, which is gathered on Ojamu’s Intelligent Platform (OIP), not only allows brands to save on time, effort, and overheads but also identifies the gaps in the market and offers predictions that augment human intelligence. The state-of-the-art technology allows users to instantly create data-driven campaigns that are relevant for their audience and, hence, lead to higher chances of conversion. This leads to brands increasing the speed and accuracy of their campaigns, and ultimately improving their bottom line by saving on the amount of internal marketing and support staff.

Ojamu specifically achieves this by using artificial intelligence to power its Neural Predictive Engine which in turn powers its prediction models. It applies these prediction algorithms to predict emerging trends and discover unexplored data clusters to identify new opportunities. Key data points are then used to predict not only the types of product a customer might want but also select specific distribution channels, prospective audiences, and types of content based on this data. NFTs provide access to Ojamu’s Ai toolset, which is able to predict the best strategies for any campaign across multiple different industries.

Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, companies like Ojamu can use real-time data to power marketing campaigns like never before. To learn more about the startup and its evolving technology, visit Ojamu’s website.