Puppy Planet Completes its Second PUP Token and Initial Blind Box Sales in just Minutes

Puppy Planet, the blockchain gaming platform on ABEYCHAIN has announced it has completed its second round of PUP Token and initial “Blind Box” sales. Each sale needed only a few minutes before being completed.

The speed of these sales is another sign of the growth of ABEYCHAIN, which just recently won “Blockchain Solution of the Year” at the AIBC Europe 2021 Awards in Malta.

According to the company, 1,200,000 PUP tokens worth $100,000 USDT were released to the public on November 12, 2021. That sale was completed in just three minutes. This follows the successful first-round public sale of its native PUP token begun on October 29, 2021, representing a major step in the firm’s roadmap.

In addition, the team behind Puppy Planet revealed that they will sell more PUP tokens and allow their users the chance to hatch a rare, collectible asset ahead of the company’s full game launch.

Like any blockchain play-to-earn game, the Puppy Planet gaming market is completely decentralized, and players have unlimited earning opportunities.

Note that Puppy Planet combines Axle Infinity’s innovative smart contract games to allow users to create their own non-fungible NFT collectibles. In Puppy Planet, players can buy and sell the NFT pets within the gaming platform for PUP tokens or use them on farms or battlefields for rewards.

On top of the second PUP token sale, Puppy Planet announced its first chance for participants to acquire a rare asset with the first “Blind Box” sale on November 13, 2021. That sale sold out in just fifteen minutes.

Expanding further, Puppy Planet states that it will sell 5,000 Puppy blind boxes. The 5,000 Puppy blind boxes are divided into 3,000 Ancient Puppy Gacha and 2,000 Legend Puppy Gacha. The 75 hatched puppy images used in the blind box sale will never be re-issued, and might become rare commodities after the Puppy Planet game officially launches.

Once the game is launched, “PUP tokens can be used to trade NFTs, props, release earnings, and hatch pets at a higher level than previously available,” says the team.

Additionally, Puppy Planet plans to distribute 180 million PUP tokens, with half (90 million) of these tokens allocated to be used for game mining on farms and battlefields. As a result, 50% of the revenue from shop transactions will be reinvested into the mining pool for rewards, thus giving players an opportunity to earn a stable income by engaging in PUP mining.