Puppy Planet’s First Blind Box and Second PUP Token Sales Sell Out in Minutes

Puppy Planet also stated their intent to eventually provide 180,000,000 total PUP tokens, 90,000,000 which would serve for game mining.

It only took three minutes for the second PUP Token sale to be completed, a sign of the growing anticipation surrounding the Puppy Planet game built on ABEYCHAIN.

Puppy Planet developers announced their second PUP Token sale, which provided users with a rare opportunity for hatching unique pre-game release assets. The project was the final preparation for the official unveiling of their innovative blockchain game.

Puppy Planet is a play-to-earn game that resembles other similar play-to-earn games recently popular on the blockchain ecosystem. It has been deployed on the ABEYCHAIN blockchain, which just won Blockchain Solution of the Year at the AIBC Europe Awards 2021 in Malta on November 16. The project is a recent creation by Puppy NFT Labs, a London-based game developer bringing non-fungible tokens, DeFi, and gaming technologies together.

Second PUP Token Sale

The sale commenced on November 12 at 8am. Only 1000 ABEY accounts were supported for the sale, with each account limited to a 100 USDT maximum buy of PUP tokens (1200 PUP). Once an account address was used in a transaction, it could not be used again. At sale time,  the price per PUP token was 0.083 USDT.

PUP developers announced their intention to make another 1,200,000 PUP tokens available for sale after their first sale in October was so successful – 7,500,000 PUP tokens sold. With this most recent sale, Puppy Planet made available another 100,000 USDT worth of PUP tokens.

Puppy Planet employs a unique mix of smart contract games(like Axie Infinity’s innovation) with a chance for users to develop their own non-fungible token collectibles. The move enables Puppy Planet players to buy and sell NFT pets while at the same time utilizing pet mining for added income generation.

Blind Boxes

Adding to their second sale provisions, the Puppy Planet platform also gave gamers something they had never seen before. They provided a rare asset provision by way of their pioneering ‘Blind Box’ sale on 13th November.

To explain, Puppy Planet also put 5,000 Puppy Blind Boxes on sale, which included 3,000 Ancient Puppy Gacha alongside 2,000 Legend Puppy Gacha. The 75 puppy images that were hatched from the initial blind box release were unique, one-time issues. They become rare and collectible from the moment of launch.

To explain more Ancient Puppy Gacha can only bring forth (hatch) a Common level Puppy. Legend Puppy can hatch either of the five (Common, Rare, Super Rare, SSR, and SSSR) Puppy levels. The value of the Puppy is directly proportional to how it ranks in terms of Puppy levels.

Out of 5,000 ABEY addresses that took part in the draw, 7,500,000 PUP tokens were sold within a 7-hour span, which translates to 500,000 USDT at the time of sale. Interested players who wanted to buy a Blind Box only had to create an ABEY wallet and permit its attachment to Puppy Planet.

Once becoming a Blind Box owner, buyers could hatch puppies featuring random value elements among other battle features. After, buyers could take their puppies to the farm or battlefield, depending upon preference.

PUP Mining

Puppy Planet also stated their intent to eventually provide 180,000,000 total PUP tokens, 90,000,000 which would serve for game mining. They also said that half of whatever income is acquired from official shop transactions would be channeled back to the mining pool for rewarding purposes. And they said that being part of the PUP mining activities allows players to earn stable income which would be directly proportional to PUP prices.

Upon launching of the game, PUP tokens would be acceptable for several use cases, including the buying and trading of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), props, release earnings, and is even for hatching pets at higher levels than what one held at the time of purchase.

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