Ripple Announces Its New Approach for Crypto Regulation Today

  • Ripple is releasing a new crypto regulation approach today.
  • The new approach seeks to bring sanity due to the dynamic capabilities of crypto
  • Also, the company wants to be a hub for public policy education of crypto.

Ripple will introduce a brand new framework purposely for crypto regulation today. Dubbed as a “real approach to cryptocurrency regulation” to bring sanity to modern-day crypto-related activities.

Also, according to the report, this is an alternative approach that will ensure action-oriented measures against the robust capabilities of crypto and digital assets. Ripple seeks to offer this regulatory approach in a more practical and realistic manner.

Moreover, the company strongly believes that the best public policy can be acquainted literally through public-private collaboration, adapting existing regulatory frameworks, and supporting crypto innovation sandboxes. Naturally, all these are core priorities that should be well encouraged for policy making, as per Ripple.

Additionally, they also think that ensuring each of the abovementioned proposals will foster regulatory clarity to maintain consumer and investor protection in America.

Commenting on this, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse remarked that,

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology need clear regulatory and licensing frameworks designed to address and remedy the specific challenges to our industry. All of the proposed measures discussed in this framework aim to provide legal clarity to industry, markets, and consumers in a way that a regulation-by-enforcement approach simply cannot.

To offer more and more synergies, Ripple said that they are open to welcoming any opportunities aboard to share expertise. They aim to do this by serving as a go-to source to inform and educate the emerging public policies towards cryptocurrencies. Never say never, Ripple has been so amazing all-around despite its ongoing SEC lawsuit.