The Crypto Industry Will Grow Despite Market Dips, Says Binance CEO

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  • Regardless of many dips, price corrections, bear or bull markets, the crypto industry will continue to grow, says Binance CEO.
  • He made this statement on Twitter today.
  • CZ’s love for crypto seems to never fade.

Changpeng Zhao (CZ) — CEO of the top-ranking exchange Binance is on a huge standing ovation about the crypto industry. According to CZ, the crypto industry will continue to grow massively regardless of the occurrences of the many dips, corrections, bear, or bull markets.

To go further in detail, he made this statement specifically on Twitter today that garnered the crypto Twitter community’s attention heavily. In addition, CZ’s bullish tweet about the crypto industry clearly indicates that he is more flexible on any downsides when it comes to crypto.

In fact, progressively, CZ’s love and passion for crypto and fintech technology keep growing day by day, showing no sign of slowing down. This tells us how he follows the crypto industry closely.

Apart from this, CZ remains among the prominent and key personalities who have been tweeting about crypto consistently under their keypads. His crypto presence has been well-felt by many.

On the other hand, just recently, CZ mentioned on Twitter that “crypto never sleeps.” His tweet heavily provoked many comments from top personalities including the CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor that triggered him to respond with the flagship crypto Bitcoin (BTC).