APY.Finance Launches DeFi Platform to Simplify Yield Farming

Place/Date: – November 18th, 2021 at 7:38 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: APY.Finance

APY.Finance, a “set it and forget it” DeFi platform allowing users to earn crypto with just a few clicks, has rolled out its flagship platform.

Pioneered by Will Shahda, CEO and Solidity Engineer of APY.Finance and former winner of ETHBoston 2019, APY.Finance launched its alpha platform earlier this month, following the completion of comprehensive security and financial audits performed by the leading security firm Halborn.

Backed by Alameda Research, Arrington XRP Capital, Cluster Capital, CoinGecko, and The LAO, APY.Finance aims to provide easy access into the innovative, yet often complicated world of crypto.

Participating in DeFi Has Never Been Easier

Utilizing diverse strategies and decentralized governance, APY.Finance is revolutionizing DeFi by launching a yield farming platform that makes earning yield cheaper, more secure, and simpler than ever before. Risk management, security, and ease of use are key focuses of APY.Finance. One of their biggest advancements has been diversification through the aggregation of many strategies, accessible to users via a single deposit made with just a few clicks.

Traditionally, individual users would need to spend countless hours researching various farms, and optimizing their earnings by constantly redeploying capital between them. Aside from the constant manual oversight this requires, this also comes with the struggle of battling DeFi’s high gas fees, which APY.Finance greatly reduces by pooling capital and batching transactions into fewer, larger transactions. Pair that with APY.Finance’s ability to quickly diversify funds into multiple strategies as their signature robo-advisor algorithm seeks the most optimal yield, APY.Finance makes it simple for individual users to diversify.

CEO and Solidity Engineer Will Shahda says:

“Historically, the crypto markets have been tightly correlated. Diversification did not offer much protection for investors. Now with the advent of yield farming, new uncorrelated risks—such as smart contract hacks and financial exploits—take center stage. Diversification can significantly reduce one’s exposure to these risks.”

Over the past year, the DeFi marketplace grew from $1 Billion to $38 Billion (DeFi Pulse). By batching user transactions and routing to a more diverse set of protocols, APY.Finance brings new earning opportunities and significantly lowering cost and barrier of entry to participate within this growing space. APY.Finance’s algorithms route pooled liquidity to a diverse set of protocols much faster than an individual investor would be able to, greatly reducing the need for hours spent researching individual strategies and farms. .

The APY governance token will allow token holders to vote on governance proposals that will dictate integrated farms and portfolio management strategies. A decentralized governance system gives power to the community, a crucial aspect of this new wave of permissionless financial systems.

APY.Finance Alpha Launch

Following the successful Halborn security and financial audits, and security measures document, APY.Finance launched its yield farming platform on 11/15/21, marking the first step in easily and securely accessing innovative crypto markets.

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