Bingbon Takes On A New Name And Logo As It Successfully Rebrands To BingX

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Bingbon is thrilled to announce its new chapter following a successful rebranding process that brings a new logo and name to the mix.

As per the announcement, following a successful revamp, Bingbon has taken on a new name, BingX, in addition to a fresh logo that represents the legacy of the platform. The word ‘Bing’ signifies every step the exchange has undertaken this far, while the ‘X’ symbolizes the interweaving path between users and traders. Combined, BingX brings out a unique brand that foretells the next chapter of cryptocurrency trading, giving users a trading experience like none other.

The news aligns with the recent significant growth experienced by the exchange in the last couple of months. The new changes aim to foretell the next crypto BingX as the project becomes the best venue for its users.

Commenting on the changes, Elvisco Carrington, the Communications Manager, stated:

“A lot of thought processes and planning went into the creation of the name, BingX. It’s a name that resonates and is capable of transcending through time, one that can adapt to the ever-changing crypto climate and is easy for the international community to digest, especially for our target community– all kinds of users from beginners to crypto OGs.”




BingX hopes to become a fundamental piece in the acceleration of open value transfer while at the same time empowering accessible and engaging experiences through its innovative social trading solutions.

Carrington added:

“What is important to note is that BingX signals seriousness. We want our exchange to be one of the top exchanges, without leaving any doubts or uncertainties in the minds of users and interest groups like top crypto media, crypto journalists, stakeholders, and potential investors.”

Founded in 2018, BingX is a fully licensed exchange that allows it to operate in the United States, Canada, and many others. BingX represents a legacy created by users, partners, and friends, and the exchange has been transcending through generations – the past, present, and future.

In addition to the revamping, the exchange will also be launching new trading pairs, allowing more options to interact with each other. The exchange is also planning to improve its copy trading feature and upcoming innovative new products. BingX is also planning to introduce an open social trading network platform intended to allow crypto users to associate, connect and interact with each other.

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