British Artist D*Face NFT Drop Featuring Dog Save The Queen

Place/Date: Austin, Texas – November 17th, 2021 at 9:02 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: LGND Art,
Source: LGND Art

Photo: LGND Art

Instantly recognized as one of the UK’s most prolific Urban Contemporary artists, D*Face (Dean Stockton) has occupied the forefront of his practice since his first sell-out show in 2005.

Born and raised in London, his childhood interests of graffiti, California skate culture, and punk aesthetic were well nurtured from an early age. Today, D*Face continues to approach his work with the same anarchic energy that drove his career from the outset. His murals can be found across the globe. His subversive-pop style and iconic D*Dog logos have become an inseparable part of British Urban art and its ever-expanding medium.

On Thursday, November 18th at 11 am EST, D*Face will be releasing his NFT collection, “Dog Save The Queen” on LGND Art. Her Winged Highness has been a staple icon of D*Face’s work ever since his earliest days of screen printing in the late ’90s. It’s about time she was brought kicking and screaming into the age of NFT in the form of the premium “Dog Save The Queen” Collection.

D*Face has hand-painted stone resin busts to match the NFTs in his “Dog Save The Queen” Collection.

Not only do you get your digital art piece in the form of an NFT but also one-of-a-kind, 15″ hand-painted Dog Save The Queen stone resin busts made to replicate the NFTs in this collection.

Collectors of the Royal Decay NFTs will receive a 15″ hand-painted Dog Save The Queen stone resin bust, which is made to replicate the “By Royal Decay” NFT. Collectors of the Melt the Monarchy NFTs will have a ¼ chance to win a 15″ hand-painted Dog Save The Queen, stone resin bust, made to replicate the “Melt the Monarchy” NFT.

Collectors of Fools Gold, Rust in Pieces and Marble Majesty will have a chance to win a 15″ hand-painted Dog Save The Queen stone resin bust made to replicate the respective NFT.

The NFT drop is open to anyone and pieces will be minted on Ethereum.


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