Japanese-themed Gaming Project Zuki Moba Raises $1.4M to Boost the Future of Blockchain Gaming

Zuki Moba, a Japanese-themed emerging gaming project has successfully raised $1.4M from its just-concluded funding round. The concept of the Zuki Moba project aims to bring the famous traditional Japanese snowball game–Yukigassen into the digital sphere by redefining it in the virtual ecosystem. Zuki Moba is taking advantage of an increasingly digital and GameFi era to establish a community of game lovers on a platform that appeals to every individual and relates to their locality.

The fundraising event spearheaded and influenced by some notable venture capital firms in the blockchain and crypto industry will be used to foster the vision of Zuki Moba to establish a global Esport game. Venture capitalists and partners interested in the project include VBC, Alphamoon, OMG, Aka Venture, BSCStation, Crypto Era, Onebit Ventures, Binstarter, CoinLab, Jade Labs, DTS, BHOldus, COINCU Financial, BAS, Kiwigroup, LaunchZone, Azcoinvest, Save Nemo, Duck Crypto, Monihub, Kylin Ventures,  Clover Venture, DareNFT, Wildcat Venture, CMC Community, ThinkSmart, UFIN, JLaunchpad, FAM, Central, Dorahack, Vessel, Kyber, Krypital, Axia8, Coinsgroup, Bixin, Polygon, Dragon, Kart, Primo, X21, Synapse, Bibox, and Fairum (Trust Swap).

With a slew of IDOs scheduled for this week, the future of blockchain gaming is about to take a major step forward. Between November 19th and 20th, Zuki Moba, a decentralized blockchain-based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), will debut 5 IDOs hosted by five different launch pads. BINSTARTER, BSCSTATION, LAUNCHZONE, KRYSTALGO, and JLAUNCHPAD are the five launchpads.

The first IDO launch is hosted by Binstarter and will open pools on November 19th extending to November 20th, 2021. The total token allocation is $130,000 in value at $0.018. The second IDO will be hosted by BSC Station and it will open pool on November 20. The third IDO will take place on LaunchZone on November 20. The fourth and fifth IDO will be hosted on KrystalGo and Jlaunchpad respectively on November 20th. The native token $ZUKI listing on PanCakeSwap will take place at 15:00 UTC Nov 20.

Generating Revenues by Introducing NFTs

Blockchain gaming, Play to Earn (P2E) gaming, and GameFi are just a few of the popular terms generating buzz this year, the Year of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The crypto gaming business is continuing to grow at warp speed.

The introduction of NFTs to gaming has resulted in a paradigm shift in which gamers can supplement their income or even make a full-time living off of games hosted on decentralized ledger technology (DLT).

This significant paradigm shift in how gamers and game creators approach gaming is wreaking havoc on an industry that is projected to generate more than $260 billion in revenue by 2025.

Zuki Mobi wants to generate revenue by bringing NFTs into the gaming industry, with gamers able to earn tokens through play. By doing so, Moba Zuki enables blockchain game developers to seek independent funding without giving up intellectual property (IP) or most of their earnings from creating a successful game.