Liquid Craft Brings Innovation to Traditional NFT and Liquor Markets

Liquid Craft – a new project aiming to revolutionize traditional liquor investment through NFTs – has just announced they will be bringing their innovative proposal to the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Network.


This event will take place on November 20 at 12 PM PST for the presale, with a public launch taking place on November 23 at 12 PM PST.

This exclusive release of liquid art brings the potential to a new concept that will provide NFTs with a new use-case – physical asset backing.   


Liquid Craft will be kick-starting the innovation with their first NFT series Dragons & Bourbon – with an upcoming NFT marketplace. The physical assets backing the first digital art pieces will be premium handcrafted bottles of Bourbon, and will differ with each series released in the future – from collectible wines, beers, spirits, and a variety of liqueurs, made by international crafters.

The first NFT release – Dragons & Bourbon

The launch of the first series will be separated into two tiers – 750 NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain, and 750 on the Ethereum Network – amounting to a total of 1500 for the Dragons & Bourbon limited release. Each NFT will be backed by a physical bottle of handcrafted small-batch bourbon, distilled by the award-winning The Heart Distillery in Windsor, Colorado.

The Heart Distillery is owned by Zach Weakland, who is also a part of the team at Liquid Craft. They have crafted these limited bottles of bourbon specifically for this upcoming series, and will only be available during the official presale and launch.

First NFT series – buyer Airdrops

A portion of the native $CRAFT token will be airdropped to initial buyers who acquire one of the Dragons & Bourbon NFTs – the amount will vary depending on the tier purchased. Buyers of the ETH tier will receive up to 4500 tokens, and up to 1500 tokens for the BSC tier. Additional benefits are given to NFT holders, including eligibility for any future events, giveaways, or exclusive offers.

The NFT proposal for the traditional liquor industry

Liquid Craft will provide crafters and investors from around the world with a marketplace to trade, buy, and sell small-batch bottles of liquor, with the use of NFTs as a form of ownership authentication. Would-be investors will no longer have concerns about the purchasing of collectible liquor, as traditional intermediary processes are removed. The bottle is stored at the supplier, which allows them to be traded through their NFT counterparts freely on the marketplace, without the insecurities that come with the constant transport of fragile liquids.

There are a lot of lingering concerns around the real value of current NFTs, which is why Liquid Craft has decided to use them for their genuine purposes, by adding tangible value through the backing of physical assets.

It opens a door to a new style of investment that the liquor industry could benefit from, considering the industry relies heavily on international tourism, which has been hit with record lows, damaging the financial status of many crafters – the term posed for brewers and distillers alike.

The lead-up to launch and future of Liquid Craft 

The anticipated release for the Dragons & Bourbon NFT series is expected to come on November 20, at 12 PM PST for the whitelisted presale, and November 23, 12 PM PST for the public sale. The launch will be exclusive and limited, with 1500 NFTs set to be released, and a minting limit in place for each buyer. 

The lead-up to the launch has been supported by the partnership with a leading cryptocurrency marketing agency – Coinpresso. The agency has been and will continue to assist the project in any events, while also spreading the word to the wider community – through the use of their full-stack digital marketing expertise. 

The project’s innovation to add real use-case to NFTs, will bring added value to the cryptocurrency space and traditional liquor industry. By merging both together, two massive audiences can now co-operate to better their practices, and investors will now have a way to buy liquor easily and securely through the implementation of blockchain technology.

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