Metaverse Haptic Gloves Offered by Meta Let You Feel Objects in VR

Meta has explained how the gloves used haptic abilities to transfer accurate details to the actuators of the hand.

Meta, previously known as Facebook, is making giant leaps in research and development. The recent innovation in the field of virtual reality and metaverse is haptic gloves that provide sensory feedback while in digital realms.

In October this year, the American multinational technology conglomerate Facebook changed its name to Meta, to re-align its target from social media to Virtual Reality technology development.

The post, which was published on November 16, disclosed the most recent discoveries in haptic glove research conducted by its VR technology company, Reality Labs. The post also noted that the project has been under their supervision for the past seven years. It has uploaded a video that revealed two people examining the haptic gloves in a demo Metaverse. The video shows them tightening the grip of their hands, lifting blocks, hurling objects around, and playing Jenga using haptic gloves.

Meta has explained how the gloves used haptic abilities to transfer accurate details to the actuators of the hand. These actuators, in particular, use tracking technology to detect the exact hand’s location and the characteristics of virtual objects in the Metaverse.

At present, the research has led to the palms being traced by tiny soft robotic motors that sway together to transfer a similar response to the user’s hand gestures in the Metaverse. The new technology, however exciting, will not be launched in the general market anytime soon. In its post, Meta acknowledged that the gloves being available and budget-friendly is too far-fetched a dream for now.

The blog post also noted that when the project began, it was taken up as a very ambitious project, but with extensive research in perceptual science, soft robotics, microfluidics, hand tracking, and haptic rendering, it has become feasible and achievable. The company highlighted that its conception for the project is gradually being realized, reverberating the storyline of the film Ready Player One, wherein the technology had evolved to a level that users could actually live the virtual reality of Metaverse.

In an intriguing explanation of what haptic gloves could potentially do, the blog asks the reader to imagine playing a 3D puzzle with an acquaintance in a 3D avatar. Imagine yourself picking up a piece in virtual reality, the fingers enclosed by haptic gloves will spontaneously stop moving when you feel the piece in your hands.

While Meta is thriving in the space of virtual reality, several crypto-enthusiasts want to know if Meta will unveil an “open Metaverse” for the users in the crypto space. With Meta’s massive strides in innovation and technology, it can factor in quite some competition for many crypto giants.

In a statement to support Meta’s digital prowess, Emil Angervall, co-founder and Chief-operating officer of music technology startup Corite stated that the company will furnish wide-ranging opportunities for the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Metaverse sectors.

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