SportsIcon Steps Into The Future Of Sports Entertainment With NFT Based Platform

One of the hottest trends in the crypto industry, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have ushered in a new wave of crypto adoption. As nascent class created for the digital world, NFTs are yet to exhaust their use cases. The sports entertainment sector has been particularly keen to embrace this new technology supported by the blockchain.

In this outlook, with an increasing demand for NFTs and a generation of people eager to own digital assets, SporsIcon offers users a way to experience the sports they love on a whole new level. Designed to be the best platform for sports NFTs, the project will work with the greatest athletes of several disciplines to provide fans with a unique look into their careers and their most important moments.

Developed with support from Dapper Lands, its CEO Roham Haregozlou, and recently deployed on the Flow network, the blockchain supported by NBA Top Shot. SportsIcon has been created with the objective of becoming the main hub for sports NFTs.

Its gasless and low-cost transactions make it a perfect place for big players and especially retail investors looking to access never before seen and high-quality content about top athletes. These legendary sports figures have joined forces with SportsIcon to curate a collection that will look upon their lives and careers as no other production has done it before.

Filmed with cinematic standards with a team of directors and professionals from the entertainment industry. In addition, SportsIcon will let teams, athletes, and sporting organizations design, create, and drop their own collections to commemorate a milestone or celebrate a sporting event. Chris Worsey, Founder of SportsIcon claimed,

The coming decade will be remembered as the Age of Digitization, and as if often the case with technological innovations, it will be led by the sports industry. NFTs provides the most passionate fans (the ability) to own a unique piece of sporting history in a manner previously unavailable.

Connecting Fans To Their Sport Heroes

Upon its launch, fans will have access to a collection comprised of 27 NFTs, each divisible into 9 different chapters. They will tell the story of key sports figures and will have more rarity as the chapters are launched on the platform.

As Worsey said in an interview for TechCrunch, SportsIcon stands out from the competition because it “invest in the content”. It has the objective of providing fans with real value while developing a relationship with athletes and the platform’s community for the long run.

SportsIcon has received support from major figures in the sports industry, such as former NBA stars like Nihal Mehta and Andrew Bogut. Other investors include legendary rapper Nas, very well known for his multi-million profits as an earlier investor in companies such as Coinbase, FOX Sports’ Mike Vick, Romelu Lukaku, Mexican soccer team Pumas.

In the future, SportsIcon will work to bring more athletes and organizations from all over the world to offer their NFTs on the platform. In addition, the team behind the project has announced the launch of an IDO, more details and the Q4 specific rollout date will be revealed via their official channels.

SportsIcon seems poised to increase the utility of this nascent asset class in an attempt to definitely cement it into the mainstream.