Sushiverse Partners With Laya Mathikshara for Limited Edition Collection

  • Sushiverse is collaborating with 14-year-old Art Prodigy Laya Mathikshara.
  • Laya will design 100 pieces of 3 unique artworks.
  • Users who buy previous “Gen Ichi” collection will receive an NFT via airdrop from the new collection.

At this point, it has become a right of passage for digital artists to offer at least one of their pieces for sale as an NFT. There is good reason for this too, as NFTs have become one of the most valuable digital assets of the last few years, with many of them selling for significant amounts of money.

One of the latest artists to offer their work as NFTs is Laya Mathikshara, a 14-year old Chennai-based art prodigy who gained worldwide acclaim for her artwork last year. Now, Mathikshara has announced an incoming collaboration with Sushiverse, a popular NFT marketplace.

Details of the Partnership

As per the official announcement, Mathikshara will design 100 pieces of 3 unique artworks as part of this collaboration. However, the 100 pieces of each artwork will be created with slightly different proportions and this means that no two will be the same.

It was also announced that the pieces will be 3D and in a similar design to Mathikshara’s signature alien-like sushi characters. The collection to be released was inspired by an existing Suishiverse collection called “Gen Ichi” and will be available for sale on the marketplace from November 16, 2021.

The collection is to serve as an early Christmas present to Sushiverse users and those who buy any of the NFTs from the previous ‘Gen Ichi’ collection will be able to potentially receive an NFT via airdrop from the  ‘Sushiverse x Laya Mathikshara’ collection by completing a number of puzzles.

Mathikshara first began creating NFTs during the first lockdown of 2020 and has received global acclaim for her pieces, selling her first NFT earlier this year. With such a high-profile artist attached to this collaboration, Sushiverse is likely to see a sold-out collection on its hands.

Art and NFTs

With the success that NFTs have seen in the larger market, we can expect that even more high-profile artists will release their works in that format. Not only does it give the artists a chance to monetize their works but the fans a chance to support them as well.