The LoveChain Partners With Luna PR for Blockchain Social Media

The LoveChain is the next-gen social media platform themed around relationships and love, that leverages the power of blockchain technology.


The LoveChain optimizes blockchain technology to provide users with an immutable platform for recording, celebrating, and sharing their love for partners, family, friends, hobbies, and pets.

The LoveChain has announced its strategic partnership with the award-winning PR and Marketing agency in the cryptocurrency space, Luna PR. This collaboration with Luna will highlight The Lovechain’s ingenuity while also providing the technology with a competitive advantage.


The cooperation will also put The LoveChain’s technological accomplishments and activities to the public view, helping them to achieve their goal of working together on the LOV token, which will be the blockchain’s next-generation social media network.

The LoveChain aims to become the future of social media developed on the Algorand blockchain. The objective is to ensure complete privacy for users while they engage with their loved ones. The cooperation between Luna PR and The LoveChain aims to help the project reach the targeted audience by providing the finest image of the initiative to the public. Luna PR will use its years of expertise to help the project grow and develop a long-lasting and strategic partnership while ensuring the right marketing approach for the project. 

Adam Mazzaferro, the founder of The Love Chain said, “The LoveChain is excited to announce our partnership with Luna PR. Being a social media platform it was critical we partnered with a PR agency that understood and is experienced in the social media space. Having accomplished women such as Luna PR Founder and CEO Nikita Sachdev and Communications Director Dina Mattar, advising us and who are excited about and believe in what The LoveChain is about, we know we will make a real impact as we quickly approach the release of The LoveChain App.” 

Dina Matter, the Communications Director of Luna PR said, “We are very happy to announce our partnership with The LoveChain for multiple reasons. Being built on the Algorand blockchain and the first social media platform built on the platform, it’s amazing to be working closely and seeing the plans of the platform first hand. We are enjoying working together and building a strong and long-lasting relationship.”

About The LoveChain

The LoveChain is a blockchain-based social media platform that celebrates love by allowing users to develop an immutable record of people, pets, and objects they love. The LoveChain ensures the privacy and security of the users by assigning cryptographically generated code numbers which are used to symbolize the uniqueness of their relationships. 

The LoveChain platform, digital content creators, third-party applications, merchants, and online businesses all contribute to the LoveChain ecosystem. In addition, the LOVR (LoveChain Rewards Token) is important since it is utilized to get discounts at online merchant businesses. Furthermore, The LoveChain is the first social media network that enables users to create NFTs from the content they share.

For more information on The LoveChain please visit the website.

About Luna PR

Nikita Sachdev founded Luna PR in 2017 as multi-award-winning advising, marketing, and public relations firm. The firm, based in Dubai, is a full-stack digital marketing agency with clients on five continents. With the assistance of its skilled team members, Luna PR helps upcoming and established blockchain and cryptocurrency projects reach their full potential.

To know more about Luna PR, visit their Website, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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