YYE Energy DeFi APY Reach 6000% to Support Cake-YYE Mutual Mining

YYE- Energy economy on blockchain: born by energy value, creating token economy. Since YYE Energy DeFi launched in October, total token owners had raised to 7822 , and 80% among has joined DeFi staking. After being listed on Lbank, the trading amount per day is 600k , which is higher than the new token record on average. The project vision had been displayed in renowned press worldwide including CoinTelegraph, Tuoniao, ChainNews, Lichang, Bihu and over hundreds of local mediums.

The team had been working hard on both the online and offline system- connect the currently disconnected industries to build an economy, and at the same time adopt a more efficient settlement method by using structured financial product model to hedge the risks of major electricity users.

For offline, YYE now gets strong users joining, they start to deepen the business in various regions, build regional branches, and start a global layout. Linking the blockchain system and the traditional trading mechanism, YYE acts as an integration intermediary, leading the construction of local branches, and overseas teams are actively developing overseas online and offline cooperation spaces.

For online, YYE Energy DeFi almost reached the qualification Cake-YYE mutual mining. Therefore, in order to accomplish the goal soon as well as to feedback all attendance, the team now announced DeFi APY will be 6000%! The amazing moment will be shared by staking YYE-BUSD on YYE Energy DeFi, which the profit can always be harvested instantly.

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