Announcing Fungibility: The only weekly NFT podcast delivered as limited NFT

Be the first to experience the Fungibility NFT Podcast being Airdropped as a weekly NFT. 

The Fungibility Podcast by Award Pool Founder, rUv, is a podcast about amazing NFTs and the secret heroes behind them. You can subscribe and listen on every major platform or get all the latest episodes directly to your MetaMask wallet as an NFT on both Polygon and Celo Blockchains as well through your favorite NFT platforms such as OpenSea! Only a limited number of NFTs will be available so get yours while you can. 

The first episode features Domino, a multidisciplinary artist that has launched his album Presessence Volume 1 as an NFT project that gives listeners seven unique NFTs with each mint! The first episode is officially streaming on all listening platforms.

Listen each week to the Fungibility NFT Podcast Challenge for a chance to win free NFT prizes and giveaways. 

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.