Chinese EV Company Xpeng Launches New SUV, Rollout to begin in Scandinavian Market

Xpeng plans to access the EV market in Europe by 2022.

Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng Motors has launched another electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) on Friday. Xpeng’s announcement of a new sports automobile has escalated the competition in China’s already on-the-rise energy vehicle market.

The new model, called the G9, is the fourth production model and has launched into the international market. The company has decided to unveil the G9 model in China by August-September of 2022. Henry Xia, co-founder, and president of Xpeng at an auto exhibition on Friday said that the model is one of the most sophisticated designs to ever hit the electric vehicle market. 

While G9 SUV seems to be designed explicitly for the global markets, the company XPeng has managed to remain subtle about its expansion overseas with its previous models. The company’s G3 SUVs and P7 sedans have seen a gradual yet restrained rollout into the Scandinavian markets. Unlike Xpeng, Chinese competitor and multinational company Nio had ensured a glamorous launch of its automobiles in Norway.

According to a company’s spokesperson, Xpeng plans to access the EV market in Europe by 2022. The G9 SUV follows the launch of the previous three automobiles, namely, the G3 SUV and the P5, P7 sedans. As the second SUV in the company’s collection, the G9 SUV has been able to create a stir in the market with its advanced technology. The car will be contesting popular vehicles like Tesla‘s Model Y, Nio’s ES6, and Li Auto’s Li One. The company is, however, yet to declare the price.

What’s New in Xpeng G9 SUV Model?

One of the most significant highlights of the automobile is that it will be the premiere SUV to include the company’s most recent advanced driver assistance system, known as the ADAS. Xpilot 4.0 is built for urban driving, a term coined by the firm at Tech Day. Xpilot 4.0 is touted as a full-fledged system aimed at creating a completely autonomous driving experience and is believed to arrive in the market by the first half of 2023. 

Even more exciting is the fact that the car will include Nvidia‘s Orin -X driving chips. According to the details provided by the company, G9 will be able to charge using X-Power superchargers. These superchargers have the potential to charge vehicles up to a 200-km driving range in a matter of only 5 minutes.

Light Detection and Ranging technology, also called the Lidar, will also be an added feature in the G9 SUV. Just like any SONAR system, the lasers in Lidar will be sent out and received back to calculate the distance of the nearest obstacle. The algorithm will also help curate a three-dimensional image of the obstacle, helping the smart car to get a fair knowledge of its surroundings.

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