Chromia Launches $80M Metaverse Grant Program Along with Mines of Dalarnia

The launch of the Metaverse Grant Program will help Chromia to push the development of the interconnected gaming worlds. It seeks to provide research and technical assistance in the Metaverse development process.

Ever since Facebook rebranded itself to Meta, the Metaverse frenzy has spread wide across sectors. The Chromia gaming system has announced an $80 million Metaverse Grant Program to further establish its stronghold as a metaverse and Play-to-Earn (P2E) platform.

The announcement comes in partnership with notable gaming projects like My Neighbor Alice (MNA) and Mines of Dalarnia (MoD). These big players will be using Chromia’s technology in their network topology.

The recent launch of the Metaverse Grant Program seeks to push the development of the interconnected gaming worlds. The program will further award research and development grants to the most promising concepts. Besides, it will also provide documentation and technical assistance and accelerate the development process. Speaking of this development, Or Perelman – COO of Chromia said:

“This is an important step for the rapid growth of our ecosystem and presence in the blockchain gaming sector. We believe the platform we are building is a game changer, and this grant program will ensure that our technology is being pushed to its full potential.”

Metaverse: Working on Chromia Blockchain

As the press release notes, Chromia will function as a general-purpose Layer-1 and Layer 2 blockchain platform. It has some unique features that make it a powerful tool for blockchain game developers.

Besides, Chromia’s relational database also makes data storage and retrieval more efficient than the traditional blockchain platforms. The Chromia blockchain platform has also dipped its toes in the world of NFTs. It says that the Chromia Originals NFT standard has much-advanced functionality and features over Ethereum‘s ERC-721 standard.

Chromia said that it will also support asset sharing across several gaming titles connected to its network. Thus, as the gaming ecosystem expands, several complex synergies will form between multiple in-game economies. The Metaverse Grant Program seems to create an interconnected world full of possibilities.

On the other hand, the P2E adventure game Mines of Dalarnia has gained solid traction recently. It has more than 100,000 users with over 4 million transactions generated on-chain.

Similarly, My Neighbor Alice launched its ALICE token earlier this year. This P2E blockchain-based game has earned a massive reputation among gaming enthusiasts. The Metaverse Gant Program will further help My Neighbor Alice to expand its gaming universe.

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