Filipina Megastar Nadine Lustre Joins To Launch Audio NFT Collectibles

Nadine Lustre has been the first Filipina celebrity to join the blockchain sector, thanks to her partnership with to develop audio NFT collectibles. The move from visual to auditory is a new trend for NFT. 

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Enter is an NFT ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain hosting 1500 artists and more than 10 000 collectors from all around the world. Since their launch in June, it has already become the go-to marketplace offering everything needed to mint, sell and buy NFTs

From artists never getting the support and monetary compensation they deserve from their work, to game companies selling loot boxes for absurd amounts of money, there were plenty of holes to be found in how the commercial industries of arts, games and communities are run today. As such the pieces of the enter team fell together to pave the way forwards.
Enter was founded in Norway early 2021 by a group of experienced individuals in the fields of music, art, development and blockchain. Their mission is to bring the power back to the creators and investors through groundbreaking blockchain technology mixed with the best from the music and art industries. 

The enter platform offers easy access to minting, built-in royalty splitting and collaboration options, the ability to mint up to 20.000 NFTs at once, and low gas fees.  You can choose up to 20% royalties on all future resales of your art, making sure that your wallet holdings increase with the value of your works. 

The development team behind enter has over 10 years of experience from creating world-class audiovisual user experiences and e-commerce solutions in addition to experienced crypto backend programmers. The whole enter ecosystem is custom-built on their own codebase and frameworks. Everything from UI, to business logic and smart contracts are built using a block-based micro-app architecture which allows for high scalability and customizability in the future development of their platforms.

Nadine Lustre – entering the NFT space and has released her hit single “Wait For Me” as an audio NFT on 

As one of the Philippines’ most well-known multi-hyphenates, Nadine Lustre continues to be a revelation. She has demonstrated her acting skills by collecting several awards for her work, ranging from appearing in blockbuster successes to becoming a prime-time star. Nadine is a multi-talented Filipina with a wide range of skills. She continues to develop as an actor, singer-songwriter, music video director, and beauty entrepreneur, to name a few.

Nadine Lustre has collaborated with as an ambassador to create her first audio NFT collectibles. The musician has entered the NFT market, minting 1,031 copies of her newest hit track “Wait For Me”.

Introducing BUSD and BNB on the enter NFT platforms 

Enter successfully held their first governance vote in October. The NFTART token is Enter’s governance token, and holders are able to vote for core proposals. The Enter team proposed the introduction of two additional currencies to the ecosystem. The outcome was a 99.96 % yes vote for BNB and a 97.6 % yes vote for BUSD. The process of introducing additional currencies has begun, and these will be available on the enter platforms from next week.

The proposal includes a fee on BNB and BUSD trades. For BNB and BUSD transactions, a 14 % fee will be charged, with 10% of the fee going toward purchasing back NFTart tokens, pairing them with BNB, and adding them to the liquidity pool. Every transaction on the Enter platform will result in a net purchase, greater buy pressure, and enhanced liquidity for NFTART.

While NFTART sales will result in a larger burn and redistribution of NFTART, BNB and BUSD sales will still burn and redistribute tokens, attract higher value sales, create a net purchase pressure on every sale, and reduce volatility by offering permanent liquidity for NFTART.

Both the Enter ecosystem and the users will undoubtedly gain from this effort. More collectors will be able to access the Enter markets. Enter is now a go-to launch site for creators, artists, and businesses, regardless of their association with NFTART token.

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